Assumption of the kinetic theory of gases.

In this article we will explore the different assumptions made when in the kinetic theory of gases, this is a continuation of the topic Matter, These are all topics often seen in Economics in the gce , gcse and gce A level

Assumption of the kinetic theory of gases.


This is an attempt to explain the experimentally observed properties of gases by considering the most ion of the molecules(or atoms) of which they are composed. A number of assumptions are made:


  1. The molecules of a particular gas are identical
  2. The collision between the molecules and with the container are (perfectly) elastic.
  3. The molecules exert no force on each other except during impact(which is assumed to have a negligible duration) on the effect of gravity is ignored so that
  4. Between collisions, the molecules move in straight lines at constant speed and the motion is random.
  5. There is sufficiently large number of molecules if the statistics to be meaningfully approved.
  6. The size of the molecule is negligible compare to their separation.
  7. Newton’s law of motion applies.
  8. Intermolecular forces are negligible except collision.

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