Cameroon GCE A/L June 2014 Literature in English 1

Cameroon GCE A/L June 2014 Literature in English 1

Cameroon GCE A/L June 2014 Literature in English 1

1.Nonfiction is a story:
A that deals with likelihood.
B that is not true to life.
C in which non human beings are the
principal characters.
D about real people and real events.

2.The setting of a story:
(i) tells the locale, time and context in
which the action in a literary work
takes place.
(ii) tells who the characters are.
(iii) gives the conflict and the suspense
of the story.
(iv) gives the historical milieu and socio political
realities of an event.
A i and ii arc correct.
B ii and iii are correct.
C i and iv are correct.
D iii and iv are correct.

3.The use of signs, gestures and facial expressions in a
play without the use of words is known as:
A mime.
B epic theatre.
C a play within a play.
D flashback.

4.The main difference between drama and other literary
genres is that drama has: A acts and scenes
B actability
C dialogue
D asides

5.In Prose Appreciation, one of the following is an
ODD item:
A point of view
B setting
C prosody
D narration

6.A plot structure that defies chronology can be
described as:
A open-ended
B episodic
C circular
D linear

7.A group of three lyrical stanzas in classical
Greek poetry is referred to as:
A triplet
B triolet
C trilogy
D triad

8. The form of a poem refers to:
A how it is internally organized.
B how the rhyme pattern is organized.
C how the rhyme pattern is organized.
D how it looks on the page.

9. In the sentence, “That letter is an enigma to me,” the
synonym for the underlined word is:
A shock
B surprise
C relief
D puzzle

10. Identify the word that is wrongly spelt:
A accommodation
B wreath
c withold
D privilege

11. With which goddess does Cleopatra
constantly identify herself?
A Isis
B Hermes
C Osiris
D Horus

12. What pleases Pompey about Antony’s arrival in
A Pompey has been praying for the other members
of the Triumvirate to start fighting each other.
B Antony is coming when Pompey can easily beat
Caesar and Lepidus.
C Pompey sees that his growing powers have at last
threatened Antony to leave Cleopatra.
D Antony has at last acted according to an oath
made to him by Pompey.

13. What does the Soothsayer’s fortune telling truly
foresee for Cleopatra’s maid, Chairman, early in the
A That with a fertile womb she would have a
million children.
B That she shall be “more beloving than beloved.”
C That she shall outlive the mistress she serves.
D That she shall be yet fairer than she is.

14. When Cleopatra in desperation says “now I feed
myself with most delicious poison,” she makes
use of one of the following figures of speech:
A Paradox
B Euphemism
C Allusion
D Personification

15. Thomas More hands the silver cup to Rich as:
A a sign of friendship
B good riddance
C a bribe
D an appreciation of Rich’s scholarly

16 In his preface, which of the following persons does
Bolt not cite as an influence in writing his play?
A Albert Camus
B Bertolt Bretch
C Thomas More
D William Shakespeare

17. In Act II, More and Roper are discussing but More is
dressed with a “rosary and a crucifix” hanging on
his neck. In theatrical terms this rosary and
crucifix are considered to be an aspect of:
A stage props
B costume
C regalia
D paraphernalia

18. “A Man for All Seasons is a Christian play which
celebrates the triumph of Christian ethics and
honesty against a background of intrigues and sin.”
This quotation qualifies the play to be called:
A History play
B Morality play
C Epic theatre
D Pageant

19. “In fact, it (Algernon) is rather an aristocratic name.
Half of the Chaps who get in the Bankruptcy Court
are called Algernon.”
These lines bring out one of the themes of the play
A the ignorance of the nobility
B the aggressiveness of the nobility
C the arrogance of the nobility
D the decline of the nobility

20. Which of these functions does Cecily’s diary play in the plot
of The Importance of Being Earnest?
A An embodiment of the make-belief world in
which the characters live
B A means of withholding Algernon after Merriman
announces the dogcart and so brings together Cecily
and Algernon
C A representation of the sentimental pastimes of
fashionable society
D A means of making a mockery of the romantic

21. In the line “You are absolutely careless about sending out
invitations.” The underlined phrase is an example
A a prepositional phrase
B a participial phrase
a gerund
D a verb phrase

22, Cecily says “There is something in that name that
seems to inspire absolute confidence. I pity a poor
married woman whose husband is not called Ernest.”
In a Comedy of Manners, this type of utterance
would be considered:
A incongruous
D humorous

What reason does Brother Jero give to justify the fact
that Chume can’t make a good prophet?
A He is uncertain how to pray with the Penitent
B He utters an animal jabber when he gets his
spiritual excitement
C His only objective in church is to be allowed to
beat his wife
D He only wants to become a Chief Clerk

Visual humour in The Trials of Brother Jero will be
identified through some of the following:
when Chume says “help am help am”
Jeroboam easing himself through the
(iii) the flapping buttocks of the girl who returns
from bathing
(iv) when Chume says “my life don spoil”
A i and ii only
B ii and iv only
C ii and iii only
D i and iv only

25. Brother Jero himself identifies one of the
following as his main weakness
A Hypocrisy
B Lust
C Treachery
D Greed

26.If you met four people at the end of the play who of
them would you recognize to be Brother Jero? He
would be the one wearing:
A a valvet cape and a thick beard as well as
carrying a pouch and a divine rod
B a torn shirt, a velvet cape and a thick
beard as well as carrying a divine rod
C a velvet cape and a thick beard as well
as carrying a pouch and a divine rod
with his shirt torn and face bleeding
D a thick beard and carrying a pouch and
a divine rod with his shirt torn.

27 What hangs on the wall of the Old Man’s
A A photograph of his wife
B The latest baseball scores
C A mounted fish
D Pictures

28 In The Old Man and the Sea, the author’s
thematic concern is:
A the boy’s assistance to the Old Man
B life in a fishing community
C the achievements of the Old Man
D the ability to rise above defeat

29. At an allegorical level, the sharks that eat
away Santiago’s catch would be considered:
A enemy of human progress
B challenges to human ambition
C forces of conflict
D forces of evil

30. The following are possible effects of Hemingway
making Santiago talk out alone. The three most
acceptable are:
(i) to highlight Santiago’s loneliness
(ii) to show Santiago’s feeling of brotherhood
(iii) to voice out his anger against his human and
natural enemies
(iv) to produce an imaginary dramatic dialogue in
the manner of heroic tournaments
A i, ii and iv
B i, ii and iii
C ii, iii and iv
D i, iii and iv

31. From the novel, A Question of Power, pick the odd one
A Madam Loose Bottom
B Miss Body Beautiful
C Lady B.
D Madam Squelch

32 From the mental hospital to a nursing home,
Elisabeth is later returned to a Boer family
from where she is also returned to the child
welfare committee. This is victimization
because of:
A colour
B colour and sex
C apartheid
D apartheid and sex

33 Which of the following is not related to
mythology in A Question of Power?
A Achilles heel
B Buddha
C Medusa
D Phoenix

34 In A Question of Power, Eugene and Tom
represent the author’s:
A ideological view of the brotherhood of
B view that blacks can never be separated
from blacks
C view that white people always come to
the help of blacks
D view that she is of mixed parentage

35 The mood created in the opening section of
No Way to Die is one of:
A disaster
B despair
C doubt
D disorder

36. “With Dennis in your class you never know what to do.”
This statement is made by:
A Dr. Max
B Nchenibo
C Joachim
D Dr. Eshuonti

37. The main cause of Dennis Nunqam’s psychological
problems is:
A the diversion of his scholarship
B his excellence in the primary school
C his imprisonment at Komendor prison
D the stealing of his G.C.E. registration fee

38. The letter form used in the novel is
particularly effective because it:
A dispenses with dialogue
B highlights major issues
C is dramatic in impact
D is an intimate form of expression

39. “Birds of the same feathers flock together.”
Which of these pairs of characters below is an
exception to this proverbial saying?
A the Manciple/the Merchant
B the Wife of Bath/the Prioress
C the Friar/the Yeoman
D the Summoner/the Pardoner

40. The Pardoner’s Tale is considered an allegory
be cause:
A it presents characters who are
abstractions but reflect traits to human society
B the events are strongly imaginary with a poor touch on
C the setting is vague
D the characters are real

41. “A sanguine man, high-coloured and benign”.
This description of the Franklin indicates that he tends
A be sad, gloomy and irritable
B be warm, passionate and cheerful
C be calm, cool and stolid
D show a quick temper

42. The Pardoner in his tale attributes man’s first
distress and the very origin of his damnation to:
A gluttony
B lechery
C covetousness
D drunkenness

43. “How the Chimney-Sweeper’s cry Every
black’ning church appalls And the hapless soldier’s
sigh Runs in blood down palace walls”
This is an extract from which of the following poems?
A “The Chimney-Sweeper” (Innocence)
B “London”
C “The Chimney-Sweeper” (Experience)
D “Infant Sorrow”

44. in which of the following poems does Blake call for
a revolution as a means of redemption from oppression and
A “The Book of Thel”
B “ToTirzah”
C “The Little Black Boy”
D “A Song of Liberty”

45. Blake expresses his incomprehension and shock of
the strange situation where children suffer in the midst of
plenty in “Holy Thursday”
(Experience). Which device does he use to capture this mood?
A An extended metaphor
B Irony
C Anaphora
D Rhetorical questions

46. Which of these references in “A Song of
Liberty” are literary allusions?
(i) The fall of satan from heaven in John
Milton’s Paradise Lost
(ii) The fall of the Bastille that sparked off the
French Revolution
(iii) The flashing eyes and floating hair of the
hero of S.T. Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan”
(iv) The rebellion of the Jews against the Ten
Commandments in King James Bible
A i and ii
B i and iii
C i and iv
D ii and iii

47. Which of the following set of poems is a celebration of
African cultural values?
A “Agbor Dancer”, “Olokun”, “The Prodigals”
B “The Prodigals”, “Agbor Dancer”,
“Benin Women”
C “Olokun”, “Benin Women”, “Agbor Dancer”
D “How Can I Sing”, “Olokun”, “Home Coming

48. In which of the following poems does the poet fuse
poetry and aspects of theatrical performance?
A “Ancestral Faces”
B “The Harvest of Our Life”
C “How can I sing”
D “Agbor Dancer”

49. David Diop’s “Sell Out” can best be described
A monologue
B dramatic monologue
C apostrophe
D soliloquy

The poem “Benin Woman” has a tone of regret because:
Emotan is undergoing isolation and decay
Emotan is the target of cultural speculation
CEmotan has not had children to bear her
name anew
D Emotan has been placed in a stormy area full of
red clouds




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