Hysteresis Loop and Applications

In  this article we will going to through the Hysteresis loop and it’s different applications in our day-to-day life. This article is under our Matter series. This topic is often seen in the gce, gcse and the gce A level.


Hysteresis curve

Hysteresis curve



The graph above is the stress/strain graph for a sample of rubber for both loading and unloading.

Energy is supplied to the rubber during leading. During unloading, energy is released but the loading curve is bigger than the unloading curve that is more energy is supplied to a rubber that it is released. The loading-unloading curve  forms a class loop called the Hysteresis loop.

Since the area under stress strain graph is the energy stored per unit volume, the area under the curve for loading is the work done per unit volume of the rubber. The hysteresis loop represent the difference in the rubber. The hysteresis loop represent the   difference in the energy during the loading and unloading process. Thus the size of the loop is a measure of the energy stored by the rubber during this process.

Applications of Hysteresis

  • Rubber of large hysteresis loop is good as a shock absorber since most mechanical  energy is converted into heat. Such pads are placed at the feet of vibrating machine to make contact with the floor
  • Rubber with small hysteresis loop is used in the manufacture of car tires so that the tires absent get hot when the car is moving element  it could collapse. Car tires must be resilience i.e do not get deform a  result of repeated and unstreching.
  • Resilience
  • It is the ability of a material to withstand hysteresis high resilience means material can be stretched repeatedly without using its strength.
  • Synthetic rubber  to avoid over heating of tires and to maintain maximum speed since little mechanical energy is converted with heat. Furthermore, car tires are very resilience to ensure safety.



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