cameroon gce A level June 2023 religious studies 1

cameroon gce A level June 2023 religious studies 1

cameroon gce A level June 2023 religious studies 1

In the Covenant between God and Abraham the
following promises were conspicuous except;
A Land
B blessing
C Protection
D Descendant

He grew up in Elis Shiloh:
B Saul
C Jesse
D David
2. The name of Abrahams most trusted servant was:
A Haran
B Nahor
C Eliezer
D Elisha
Who was the fatherinlaw of Moses?
A Jethro
B Aaron
C Pharaoh
D Jochebeb
. Who received Issacs blessing?
B Joseph
C Laban
D Esau
1 1 .
He laid the foundation for a Temple in Jerusalem:
A David
B Saul
C Solomon
D Samuel
. The following women were married to Jacob
A Leah
B Bilhad
C Rachel
D Rebecca
The king who requested wisdom from God to rule
his people was:
A Saul
B Ahab
C Solomon
D David
5. Josephs brothers sold him into Egypt in order to:
A Frustrate his plans
B Have money
C Foil his dress
D Stress up their father
6. The adventure of Jacobs children into Egypt was
A See Joseph
B See Pharaoh
C Explore the land
D Buy grains
The marriage of Hosea to Gomer signifies:
A An ideal marriage
B A virtuous marriage
C A symbol between God and Israel
D A symbol of truth
15. God’s judgment on Jerusalem and Judah in Isaiah
was because:
A The
leaders have ruined Gods Vineyard
B The
women of Zion have sinned
C The righteous have gone astray
D The
children of Zion were crying
Which land was given to Jacob and his family in
A Land of Memphis
B Land of Nile Valley
C Land
of Goshen
D Land of Pithom and Rameses
16. The call of Jeremiah was:
A Before his
birth to build and destroy
B After his birth to destroy
After nightfall to build
D At
40 to build and destroy
The last plague before the
Passover in Egypt had to
do with:
A Locusts
B Death of the first Son
C Darkness
D Hail
17 An extreme nationalistic Jewish Sect was:
The Sadducees
B The Zealots
The Pharisees
D The Herodians

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