cameroon gce advance level June 2016 physics paper 2

cameroon gce advance level June 2016 physics paper 2

cameroon gce advance level June 2016 physics paper 2


The power, P, obtainable from a wind turbine may be given by P — KL
Where L = length of the blades, p= Air density and v = wind speed.
The equation is homogenous. ‘
(a) What is a homogenous equation?
(b) Determine the base units of the constant K.\
(c) State two shortcomings of using homogeneity to check the correctness of a physical equation.
(6 marks)
In figure 1,a charged metal sphere (A) is hung from an insulating string. Another charged sphere (B) on an
insulating rod is then placed close to A as shown.
insulating rod
l B
* 3.5 cm
Figure 1
The charge on sphere A is +5.0 nC while that on sphere B is — 4.0 nC.
(a) Draw the two spheres and show the electric field pattern around them.
(b) Determine the magnitude of the electric force between the two spheres.
(c) What is the value of the angle 0 if sphere A has a mass of 4.5 x 10 “5 kg?
(7 marks)
3. Figure 2 shows part of a system used to eject and accelerate electrons.
B-fleld into

Figure 2
(a) State the phenomenon of emission of electrons from a sufficiently heated metal surface.
(b) Determine the speed with which the electrons leave the anode. •
(c) Upon leaving the anode, the electrons enter info a region of cross magnetic and electric fields as shown in
figure 3. If the intensity of the electric field is 7.5 x 104 V m’1, calculate the flux density of the magnetic
field if the electrons pass through the cross fields undeflected as shown in figure 3.
(7 marks )

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