cameroon gce advanced level 2015 computer science 1

cameroon gce advanced level 2015 computer science 1

cameroon gce advanced level 2015 computer science 1


1 A de-multiplexer has:
A One data input and several outputs
B One input and several outputs
C Several inputs and several outputs
D Several inputs and one output

2 Convert the fractional decimal number 6.75 to binary
A 0111.1100
B 0110.1010
C 0110.1100
D 0110.0110

3 What is the equivalent in hexadecimal representation of the decimal number 973?
C 6D

4 A personal computer program counter is also called
A Instruction pointer
B Memory pointer
C Data counter
D File pointer

5 A three input NOR gate gives logic high output only when
A One input is high
B One input is low
C All inputs are high
D All inputs are low

6 In which addressing mode is the operand given explicitly in the instruction?
A Absolute
B Immediate
C Indirect
D Direct

7 Pipelining strategy is also known as
A Instruction execution
B Instruction prefetch
C Instruction decoding
D Instruction manipulation

8 In a virtual system, the address used by the programmer belongs to
A Memory space
B Physical address
C Address space
D Main memory address

9 The speed of the microprocessor depends on
A Data bus width
B Access Time
C Response Time
D Address bus width

10 On receiving an interrupt from an I/O device, the CPU
A Halts for a predetermined time
B Branches off the interrupts service routine after completion of the current instruction
C Branches off to the interrupt service routine immediately
D Hands over control of address bus and data bus to the interrupt device

11 What is the function of the control unit in the CPU?
A To transfer data to primary storage
B To store program instruction
C To perform logic operations
D To decode program instruction

12 The time that elapses between the initiation of an operation and completion of that operation is called;
A Throughout
B Memory response time
C I/O response time
D Execution time

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