cameroon gce advanced level 2020 economics paper 1

cameroon gce advanced level 2020 economics paper 1

cameroon gce advanced level 2020 economics paper 1

Which of the following production possibility
curves indicates increasing opportunity
A Convex.
B Concave.
C Straight line.
D Non-Linear.
Firm B. Textile
Fir n A.
Firm E
vFirm C. Plastic
Co :oa plates
Which of the following is the main reason for
carrying out economic activity in a
subsistence economy?
A Peoples’ needs.
B Peoples’ preferences.
C Peoples’ wants.
I) Peoples’ choices.
Firm D. Chocolate
Which of the following movements illustrates
forward vertical integration?
A From firm A to firm B.
B From firm 13 to firm D.
C From firm E to firm A.
D From firm A to (Inn D.
A necessary condition for a mixed economy
is that there arc:
primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.
B formal and informal sectors .
C capital and consumer goods sectors.
D private and public sectors co-exist.
Given the total number of people and total
output for an area over time, which of the
following can such data help you to
A Population growth.
B Population migration.
C Changes in standards of living.
D Changes in population structure.
4. This question is based on the items below:
i) Mineral deposits
ii) Plantations
iii) Lakes
iv) Grinding mills
From the above, land consists of:
A i and ii.
B ii and iii.
C i and iii.
D iii and iv.
9. Positive checks according to the Malthusian
population doctrine suggest that population
can be controlled by:
A family planning.
B famine.
C chastity.
D celibacy.
5. For division of labour to be successfull

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