cameroon gce advanced level June 2022 philosophy 2

cameroon gce advanced level June 2022 philosophy 2

cameroon gce advanced level June 2022 philosophy 2

The Prc-socralics were considered as material monists. Discuss the tenability of this statement.
(25 marks)

To the Empiricists, the senses alone account for all our knowledge. Basing your reflection on John Locke, to what
extent is this claim justifiable?


“Negrilude was a rallying point and part of a language of resistance to the stereotype of Black African People”
Is this fair assessment of Senghor’s Negritude?

4. In African political thought, democracy is still an illusion. Do you agree? (25 marks)

5. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow:
That the notions which are simplest and self-evident, are obscured by logical definitions; and that such are not to be
reckoned among the cognitions acquired by study, but as bom with us. I do not here explain several other terms which I
have used, or design to use in the sequel, because their meaning seems to me sufficiently self-evident. And I frequently
remarked that philosophers erred in attempting to explain, by logical definitions, such as are most simple and self-evident;
for they thus only rendered them more obscure. And when 1 said that the proposition, I think therefore I am. is of all others
the first and most certain which occurs to one philosophizing orderly, I did not therefore deny that it was necessary to
know what thought, existence, and certitude arc, and the truth that, in order to think, it is necessary to be, and the like; but,
because these are the most simple notions, and such as of themselves afford the knowledge of nothing existing. I did not
judge it proper there to enumerate them.

a) State the main theme and bring out the logical articulations in the text.
b) Explain the following ns used in the passage:
(i) “but as born with us”
(ii) “by logical definitions, such truths as arc most simple and self-evident”

c) Slate and explain any two kinds of ideas used by Descartes.
d) State and explain any two Rules of Method prescribed by Descartes.
e) How is Rationalism different from Empiricism?
0 I low tenable is Descartes’ Principles of Philosophy?

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