cameroon gce advanced level June 2022 philosophy 3

cameroon gce advanced level June 2022 philosophy 3

cameroon gce advanced level June 2022 philosophy 3

Raul the passage below and answer (he questions that follow:
Chris tried lo get up but he couldn’t because the pain was very sharp. If he shows any sign of pain, then lie
will be kicked out of the team , lie knew he could not afford lo lose the scholarship. Some pains are difficult to
hide. That is why the coach had to notice it.
It was the championship game and he did not want to miss it. I he coach told him II he slays and plays then
he will die in the field and if lie fails to see the doctor then lie will die in the field”. Chris replied with a smile “il
Jones can play with a broken leg, so can I .
1 .
(a) ( i ) Bring out a Particular Affirmative Proposition from the passage above. (1 mark)

Given a(ii) above as False, what is the truth value of its contradictory and sub-alternation?
(2 marks)
(ii) What is the Contradictory of the Sub-Contrary of a)(i) above?
( iii) Bring out very clearly the Converse of the Contrary of a(i) above

. (b) Use a suitable Hypothetical proposition found in the passage above to construct:

Identify a suitable proposition in the passage that can be used to build up a Constructive Dilemma
(1 mark)
( i) A Modus Tollens
(ii) A Modus Ponens
(c) (i) ‘
(ii) Use the proposition in c(i) above to construct a Complex Constructive Dilemma
Refute c(ii) above by “Escaping between the horns”.
(3 marks)
. t •
( iii) (3 marks)
(d) (i) Identify the Fallacy most clearly committed in the passage (2 marks)
(ii) Explain how the Fallacy in d(i) above has been committed (3 marks)

2. (a) State the Logical relationship between the following sets of propositions:
(0 All bananas are sweet fruits and No bananas are non-sweet fruits
(ii) Some Europeans are black persons and some Europeans are not black persons
All Logic exercises are exciting exercises and all non-exciting exercises are non-logic exercises
(3 x 2 marks)
Using the terms: “Valid arguments” as the middle term, “sound arguments” as the major term and “weak
arguments” as minor terin
Construct an AEE-2 argument.
Give the inverse of the major premise of the syllogism in a(i) above.

Using the symbols in parenthesis, translate the following ordinary language statements into symbolic form:
Either Beatrice is beautiful (p) and intelligent (q ) or she is ugly ( r) and dull (s)
If airports are secured places (A ) then luggage arc safe ( l.) but if airports arc not secured places,
then theft is possible (T)
A child is dependent (C) if and only if s/he still lives with the parents ( P) and is being sponsored by
the parents (S) (3 x 2 marks)


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