cameroon gce june 2017 HISTORY paper 2


Three hours
Candidates are required to answer FOUR questions, choosing at least ONE from each of the sections. All the questions carry equal marks.
You are reminded of the necessity for good English and orderly presentation in your answers


SECTION A: 1800-1922

1. With reference to specific examples, discuss the voluntary and involuntary factors responsible for population
movements in Cameroon during the 19th century. (25 marks)

2. Account for the success of the jihads of Modibo Adama in Northern Cameroon and examine its impact in the region.
(25 marks)

3. Discuss the role of European traders and Christian Missionaries in the scramble to annex Cameroon examine the
consequences of German annexation of the territory in 1884. (25 marks)

4. Why and with what consequences did the indigenous population resist German rule in Cameroon? (25 marks)

SECTION B: 1922-1961

5. What were the main features of Indirect Rule in British Southern Cameroons during the mandate period and how beneficial was the policy to the indigenous population? (25 marks)

6. Account for the widespread revolts and protests in French Cameroon between the wars and discuss the measures taken by the French administrative authorities to suppress them. (25 marks)

7. Discuss the causes and the consequences on Southern Cameroons of the Eastern Nigerian Crisis of (25 marks)

8. Examine the contributions of the UPC and discuss the consequences on the party in the struggle for french Cameroon independence .(25 marks)


9. How and with what degree of success, did Southern Cameroons politicians define the terms of union with the
Republic of Cameroon at the Foumban Constitutional Conference of July 1961? (25 marks)

10. To what extent did the creation of a single party in 1966. facilitate the abolition of the federal state in
Cameroon? (25 marks)

11. Examine the efforts made by the government of President Ahidjo to improve on the economy of Cameroon
between 1972 and 1982. (25 marks)

12 “A glorious age in the history of Cameroon.” How apt is this description of the Biya regime since 1982?
(25 marks)

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