cameroon gce O level June 2024 logic 2

cameroon gce O level June 2024 logic 2

cameroon gce O level June 2024 logic 2

1 . (a)
(i) What is the Etymological Definition of Logic?
(ii) List two Operations of the Mind

(2 x 2 marks)
(b) (i) State the Function of a Copula in a Proposition
(ii) What is a Disjunctive Proposition?
(2 x 2 marks)
(c) (i) List the different Forms of Immediate loference.
( i i) Name two significance of the study of the Syllogism
(2 x 2 marks

( cl ) Differentiate between the following
( i) l’irsl Order and Second Order Dnthymeme

( ii ) Pure Hypothetical Syllogism and Mixed Hypothetical Syllogism
(2 x 2 mark
Briefly explain the following:
(i ) A Compound Statement
( ii ) A Logical Connective
(2 x 2 mark

(b) Dil fereniiate between the following terms in a Proposition
(i) Quality and Quantity.
(ii) Antecedent and Consequent
(2 x 2 marks)
Define the following:
(i). Contradiction.
(ii) The Mood of a Syllogism.
(2 x 2 marks)
(d) J-xplain why:
(i ) lhe Minor Premise of a Dilemma is a Disjunctive Proposition.
‘ . . . . . : • i u . m,
(ii) A fallacy is considered to be Informal.
(2 x 2 marks)
Deline the following:
(i) Truth-Value.
(a ) ( i ) Matdi items in set A to their correspondences in set B. Not all items in set B may he used

( ii) Variables
(2 x 2 marks )
(a ) ( i) State the Principle of Identity
(ii) Name two Abstract Terms
(2 x 2 marks)
(b) Briefly explain the following
( i) A Distributed Term
(ii) A Disjunctive Proposition
(2 x 2 marks)
Define the following
(i) The Obvertend.
( ii ) The Middle Term
(2 x 2 marks)

Ufucl IIK* following passage ami answer the questions that follows:
Around the world. m;m\ women thought alter suffering from Govid- 19 you will he barren, bill scientists sa \ “its not the
ease . President Donald hump of U.S.A calls it the ‘‘China Virus’*. The. virus is a killer disease and responsible lot mans
deaths. We must either sanitize our hand, or maintain social distances to avoid being infected because this \ irus is airborne.
Scientists around the world are researching on a possible vaccine to cure the Corona Virus but for now their ad \ ice is that: if
we don t respect basic hygiene rules then we will contract the virus and possibly die.
4. ‘ •i i 9 *
9 1
i .J t i O
(a ) Identify the following from the passage:
( i ) A Privative Term.
( ii ) Stipulative Definition.
( b) Pick out the follow ing from the passage:
( i ) A Hypothetical proposition
( ii ) I ranslate the I Ivpothelical Proposition in b ( i ) above into a Disjunctive proposition.
(c ) ( i ) l ’sing the proposition “ All viruses are killer diseases*’as the given . Derive the contradictor}.
(ii ) Identify the f igure and Mood of this Argument;
“No Corona Virus are deadly diseases
Some airborne diseases are Corona Virus.
Therefore, some airborne diseases are deadly diseases”
(d ) ( i ) Using the Argument in c (ii) above, state the Third Order lvnthymeme
( ii ) Provide a Conclusion to the Premises below to make it an Argument of denying the
consequent ( Modus Tollens):
“If we don’t respect basic hygienic rules, then we will contract the virus
We will not contract the vims.
(e) Symbolize the following statements using the variables p and q
( i ) hither you respect the basic hygiene rules or you will get infected with corona virus.
( ii ) Corona Virus will stop killing people if and only if a vaccine is developed.
‘ ( 2 \ 2 marks)
i i i
‘ )
(2 \ 2 marks)
(2 \ 2 marks )
(2 \ 2 marks )
(2 x 2 marks)
5. (a ) ( i ) Identify the Dellnicns and Defmiendum in the definition “Man is a rational animal”.
( ii ) ( jiven: “desks, chairs, blackboard, classroom equipment”. Identify the Membra Dividentia.
( b) ( i) (Jiven the Proposition “All thieves are criminals”. Determine the distribution of Terms.
( ii) State the two parts of this I Ijpothetical Proposition, “If John studies hard, then he will succeed”
( i ) (iive the converse ol ” No lions are pets
( ii ) Determine the Middle lean and Major Term in this Argument:
“All priests are men.
All humble persons are priests.
Therefoie. All humble persons are men”.
(2 \ 2 marks )
(2 x 2 marks)
(c )
(2 x 2 marks)

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