cameroon gce ordinary level June 2020 history 1

cameroon gce ordinary level June 2020 history 1

cameroon gce ordinary level June 2020 history 1

British Imperial Officer who was
sent out in the 1880s to annex Cameroon but
failed to do so .
A Gustav Nachtigal
B Captain moore
C Captain Brooke
D Edward Hewett
9 .
Which of the following events made Cameroon
a German colony?
A The arrival of Julius Von Soden as
German Governor
B The establishment of the Court of Equity.
C The signing of the Kings’ Memorandum.
D The signing of the Germano – Duala
Treaty .
The prominent Cameroonian traditional ruler
who led an anti – German resistance that
resulted in the killing of Gravenreuth in 1891
was …
A Chief Asonganyi
B Chief KuvaLikenye
C ChiefTambe
D Fon Sembumll
8 .
In which of the following coastal towns did the
Germans establish the first plantation?
A Victoria
B Tiko
C Douala
D Lobe
6 .
Below is a list of Allied Military Commanders
who participated in the Cameroon campaign ,
1914 – 1916 . Select the name of the
commander of the French Allied Forces.
A General Charles Dobell
B Colonel Von Zimmermann
C General Joseph Aymerick
D Captain Von Raben
3 .
Which European power established trading
companies along the Cameroon coast in the
period 1840s to 1850s?
A Britain
B Portugal
C Germany
D France
The most important reason for the German
defeat in Cameroon during the First World
War was …
A the Germans lacked foreign military
B the Germans faced a war on many fronts
C the Germans wanted to avoid another
bloody battle like Nsanakang
D top German military officers resigned and
changed sides
2 .

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