Ecz agricultural science grade 12 2016 paper 3

Ecz agricultural science grade 12 2016 paper 3


You are provided with AS1.
AS1 is a soil sample obtained from a farm which was on sale.

(0 Put a spatula full of ASI into a clean test tube. Add distilled water to
one quarter (1/4) of the test tube and shake well.
Add 2cm3 dilute hydrochloric acid
Observation: [1]

(ii) Repeat the above experiment using another clean test tube. Bring the
mouth of the test tubes containing ASI and that containing lime water
tilting gently so that their open ends touch. Observe what happens to
the lime water. Do not allow the solutions to mix.
Observation: [1]

(iii) What is the gas being tested in (a) (ii) above?
(iv) What is the ion being tested?

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