GBHS MUEA Super Mock Biology


Upper Sixth Science: Super Mock Biology Answer four questions, each on a separate sheet of paper.

1) Describe the process of male gamete formation and fertilization in

  1. A mammal and
  2. A flowering plant. (1 0, 1 °marks)

2) a) Give an account of the structure and functions of the following cell organelles :


(I) Rough endoplasmic reticulum (ii) Cilia ( iii)Chloroplast.


  1. b) Using specific examples, describe five mechanisms by which substances move in

and out of cells                                                               (10,10marks)

3) a) What are the function of the human skeletal system?

  1. b) Using suitable examples describe the three types of skeletons found in animals..
  2. c) (i) Draw a large neatly labeled diagram to show the detail structure of the a skeletal muscle.

(ii) Describe the Rachet mechanism (sliding filament model) of muscle contraction

(4,6,10marks) •

4 a) What is a hormone?

  1. What are the mechanisms that control the release of hormones by the endocrine glands?
  2. Describe the mechanism of synaptic transmission
  3. State the differences between impulse transmission across the synapse and impulse

transmission along a neuron                                                   ( 3,3,10,4 marks)

5 (a) Define cellular respiration

(b) Cellular respiration involves anaerobic and aerobic processes. List these processes indicating which is which?

(c) With the aid of a flow diagram only outline the biochemical pathways which energy is

released from a glucose molecule in aerobes.                         (2,5,13marks)

6) Explain how carbon fixation is carried out in:

(i) C3 plants (ii) C4 plants and (iii) CAM plants.              (5,5,4marks)

  1. b) What is: i) Photorespiration ? ii)-Phosphorylation? (3,3marks)

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