cameroon gce June 2015 English Paper 2

cameroon gce June 2015 English Paper 2

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Content:(14  marks)

Expression and Accuracy  :(12  marks)

Slanting 🙁 4 marks)  

You are a worker in the Ministry of Basic Education. In a workshop to raise awareness on the                          ‘

challenges of learning a new language, you have been selected to give a talk to adults who are interested /

in learning a new language. Selecting relevant material from the passage below and in one paragraph of

not more than 150 words, give a talk on how these challenges can be overcome. Write in a convincing manner paying attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation and handwriting.

In’ countries around the world, a growing number of people are learning new tongues for a variety of reasons. Some  are personal, financial and religious. A number of people who are studying a foreign language were interviewed. Among the questions asked were: ‘What is it like to learn a new language as an adult and, what can facilitate learning?’

While young children can pick up two or more languages simultaneously just by being exposed to them, adults usually find learning a new tongue more difficult. For one thing, they must be patient because learning a new language can take a long time. And with their busy schedules, this often means putting other pursuits on hold.

Humility is essential, When you are new to the language, you must be willing to speak and in some respects, be treated like a child. In addition, you have to shed some of your self-importance and your worries about dignity if you really want to make progress. So don’t take yourself too seriously, if you have never made mistakes, you are not using your new language enough. In learning a new language, do not worry if others laugh at your mistakes. Instead, laugh along with.them. In fact, the day will likely come when you will be telling entertaining stories about the things you had said. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand why something is said in a certain way.

Learning a new language often means learning a new culture. It helps to be adaptable, and to have an open mind. Leaming another language has helped many people realize that there is more than one way of looking at and doing things. Reaching out and making friends with people who speak the language and enjoy being with them, will make them naturally drawn to_you.

The more time you spend studying and even more so, using the language, the faster your progress will be. We acquire language skills the way a chicken eats grain by grain. The little specks are not much in themselves, but they keep adding up. Many have found that regularly devoting short periods of time to study is more effective than infrequently setting aside large chunks of time. There is a dazzling array of aids available to help people learn a language including books, recordings, flash cards and more. Even with all these products many people find that they learn best in a structured classroom atmosphere. Use whatever methods work well for you. ~ep in mind though that there are no shortcuts in learning a language but there are ways to make learning easier and more interesting. One way is to increase your exposure to the language and culture. After mastering some of the basics and having at least a beginner’s vocabulary, it is advisable to spend some time with native speakers. Visiting the country allows you to absorb the flavour of the language. Most important, being immersed in the environment helps you to think in the new language. Of course, most people may not be in a position to go to another country. For these, they should seek out people in the area who speak the language well and interact with them. In the end practice is the single most important rule for making progress.


COMPOSITION (40 marks)


Content and Organization (12 marks)

Expression  (16 marks)

Accuracy  (12 marks)

Choose ONE topic to write about from the list below. You are advised to write clearly and effectively, to spell and punctuate correctly, and to ensure that your writing is appropriate in style and content to the topic chosen. Avoid obscene language and do not disclose your identity. You should write between

450 – 500 words.

a) Tell a story that ends with” … as from that day we became friends”.

b) Describe a horrible scene you witnessed which created fear in you but influenced your life positively. c) Babie

d) As an elite of your village, discuss the steps you would take if your village had a serious dispute with a neighbouring village. (You may write about the causes and the consequences

e) Should mobile phones be allowed in schools in Cameroon?

f) Write a story which illustrtates the saying: “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”.

g) Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of AES Sonel on the damages caused by constant power failure in your area. Your name is Jek Zouh and your address is Nicda, P. Box 13, Mbaku.

h) Write a story, a description or other form of composition suggested by one of the following picture

Your composition may be directly about the subject of the picture or take some central suggestion(s) from it. There must be a clear connection between the picture and your composition .

english pic a             english pic b 

pic a                                                                                                  pic b




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