logic and related fields


logic and related fields section talks about the various fields which logic can be applied and how you can end up studying it.

  1. Logic and mathematics: logic and mathematics are intrinsically related in the sense that they both deal; with signs and symbols. Logic is mathematics in words and math is logic in figures
  2. Logic and science: both logic and mathematics are bodies of science and tested knowledge
  3. Logic and psychology: both logic and psychology deals with thinking (they both deal with the mind). But while logic deals only with principle of reasoning, psychology deals with the mental processes of the mind.
  4. LOGIC AND PHILOSOPHY: logic and philosophy both deal with principle of taught as well as investigation of truth
  5. Logic and law: logic and law are related in the sense that they both deal with principle.
  6. Logic and history: the coherence and order required in logic, is invariably the basic element in the examination and analysis of historical facts.

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