O level south west regional mock gce 2022 physics 2

O level south west regional mock gce 2022 physics 2

O level south west regional mock gce 2022 physics 2

Section 1 (lhour)
Answer ALL questions
1. (a) Give one example of a non-contact force (lmark)
(b) A bag of cocoa of weight 500 N is pulled horizontally by a resultant force of 100 N. Calculate
its acceleration (3marks)
(c) Figure 1 shows a plank pivoted at a point such that it is balanced by a 2 N force and a 6 N force
as shown below

(i) State the conditions necessary for equilibrium to hold.
(ii) Calculate the moment of the 6 N force about the pivot
(iii) Determine the distance of the 2 N force from the pivot

2. (a) Define elasticity
(b) (i) What do you understand by elastic limit?
(ii) Give one example of a device that functions based on Hooke’s Law
(iii) A spring of length 10 cm is stretched to a length of 15 cm by a force of 20 N. What force
will give it an extension of 8 cm? (3marks)
3. (a) Distinguish between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. State an
example in each case.
(b) A ball of mass 2 kg is released from a height of 5m above the ground. Calculate the
velocity with which it hits the ground.

4. Figure 2 shows the structure of an un-calibrated mercury-in-glass thermometer.
A Figure 2
a) Which feature of the thermometer
Steam-point—[ “ 100°C determines:
(i) Accuracy
(ii) Sensitivity
(iii) Quick response (lmark)
b) Calculate the temperature of the hot
water using the information on the

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