Ordinary level 2023 northwest regional mock history 1

Ordinary level 2023 northwest regional mock history 1

Ordinary level 2023 northwest regional mock history 1

An example of aMissionaryBody that promoted the
European Scramble for Cameroon in the 1880s was the..
A. Basel Mission
B. American PresbyterianMission
C. London BaptistMissionary Society
D. Pallotine Fathers
4) The importantrole thatDr GustavNachUgal playedinth:
German annexation of Cameroon was that…
A. He closeiy supervised the process ofGerman
annexation ofthe territory
B. He endorsed theKings’ Memorandum of July 1884
C. He signed the Germano-Duala Treaty of 1884
D. He was appointedthe firstGermanConsulof
– 5) Which of the following Towns remained peaceful after th 5
signingofthe Germano-DualaTreaty ofJuly 12 1884?
A. Bell Town
B. AkwaTown
C. Hickory’Town
D. Joss Town
1942 was.
A. ChiefEndeleyOfBuea f , _
Fon Galega’T ofBali
C Chief Jesko Manga Williams of Victoria
n FonMukete ofKumba
Features hindered French
Cameroonians from acquiring French citizenship?
4 Holder ofFrenchmilitary medal
B. Loyalty to the Frerfch Colonial Authorities
C. Mastery ofthe French language
. >. r
D. Polygamous marriage ___
Cameroonians in support ofBritain during the Second
World War was…
A. Provision of financial support
B. Supply ofessential raw materials
C. Fighting under the Royal West AfricanFrontier Force
D. Acting as labourers and carriers
16) Which ofthe following Constitutions granted the Southern
iinn D
yuuji nv^IUIIUI
A. The Macpherson Constitution
B. TheBums Constitution
C. The Lyttleton Constitution
D. The CliffordConstitution
17) ‘7have takenbeginningtoday’27Augustandinthename
ofthe General,thepost ofGeneralCommissioner to
continue the struggle at the side ofthe Allies,untilcomplete
victory.” Identify theMilitary Officialshomadethis
declaration inFrench Cameroon during the Second World
War. * . . . . . . ;
A. CaptainDidier de Bloislambert
B. General Joseph Aymerich
C. General Charles de Gaulle
PiGeneral Philippe Le Clem
18) The French CameroonianPolitician to be appointed the
first Prime Minister during the Trusteeship period was
A. Charles Assale
B. Andre Marie Mbid
C. Ahmadou Ahidjo
D. CharlesOkala
6) The GomanExplorer who carried out the first extensive
exploration ofthe interior of Cameroon from River
Mungo to Yola was…
A. Hans Dominik
B. Curt Morgan
C. Eugene Zintgraff
D. Tappenbeck

with the Bulu Resistance of 1889-1900?
A. EsonoEla
B. Charles Atangana
C. NgossoDin
D. MartinPaul Samba
8) The Bamums derived the following benefits from their
collaboration with the German Administration, except

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