political causes of population movement in cameroon

political causes of population movement in cameroon

  1. Inter-tribal wars were very common during the 19th More powerful tribes fought with one another as a show of strength to occInterupy enough land for the purpose of agriculture and slave capture. An evidence of such was the attack lunched by the Nso people that forced the Nso people to migrate out of Shisong to settle where they are today. Also the Bamileke were forced to cross the River Noun and settle at their present location after a series of Bamum raids.
  2. Resistance to foreign rule greatly contributed to population movements in the 19th After the annexation of Cameroon by the Germans in 1884, the Germans carried out wars of penetration and conquest in order to accomplish the prime objective of economic exploitation. All those who opposed German occupation were defeated and their leaders punished. This led to massive population movements in the interior of Cameroon, especially in the Beti land. Also when the Widikum people refused to provide labour and to be under the Bali, Their villages were burnt forcing them to migrate to Bali in 1906.
  3. The payment of tributes was also a major cause of population movement in this period. Very powerful fondoms, chiefdoms and lamidats used their influence to conquer weaker neighbours who were later on forced to pay tributes. Those unable to pay were forced to leave their site. An example is that of the Bu, Tingoh and Obang people were forced to leave the Bafut lands because of their overlord tribute request.
  4. Succession disputes were often very common after the death of the king. This was because in most cases sucession rules were not respected leading to break away or migration of disgrunteled prince and princesses. For example the Dualas migrated from Pitti to the Wouri Estuary because of dynastic querrels which seperated the children of Mbedi. Ewale moved to found the Douala group while the others spread between Rio-Del-Ray and River Sanaga. The Nso and Bamum also migrated from Bankim (Rifum) because Mfoumboum seized the throne that was meant for Nchare. This seperated Ngonso the founder of the Nso group from Nchare who founded Bamum dynasty. The Bali chamber also disintegrated due to succession disputes leading to the formation of the various Balies we have today.

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