Regional Mock Computer 2014 paper 2

1.(a) Describe health hazards that may arise because a school

secretary sits working on the computer all day. (4 mks)

(b) Write short notes on each of the following

Star network (2 mks)
Ring network (2 mks)

Bus network (2 mks)

(c) Define computer virus (1 ink)

(d) List five effects of computer viruses’ (5 mks)

(e) Discuss the effects that the introduction of online banking has

on the bank’s employees. (4 mks)

2(i) Your school has just written the fourth sequence examination. Your vice principal is looking for a software to enable him calculate students’ average. Which application software and why

will you recommend for him (4 mks)

Define the following terms as used in Relational Database Management System. Table, Form, Query, and Primary key (4 mks)
differentiate between: – formatting and editing — numbering and bulleting (4 mks)

b) State the technology that characterize the first four generations of

computers. (4 mks)

(c) What do you understand by?

i. Access time. (2 mks)

ii.Data,transfer rate. (2 mks)


a) How does an electronic beam from a cathode ray tube produce

images on the screen (3 mks)

(b) i. What do you understand by software piracy? (2 mks)

Differentiate between freeware and shareware. (2 mks)

(c) The central processing unit of a computer is sometimes called the brain of the computer.

i)What are the functions of the central processing unit?

(3 mks)

How many cd- of 700MB will be required to

store information of 10 GB (4 mks)

d) i) What is the difference between volatile and
non-volatile memory? (2 mks)
ii) Give one example of each type (i) above (2 mks)
iii) Give two examples of secondary storage devices (2rnks)
4. a. (i) Differentiate between impact and non-impact printers
(ii) State two examples of impact printers and two examples of non_
impact printers. C2xmarks)
b. i) What do you understand by local and wide area networks? ii) Give two differences between a local area network and wide area
network. (2+4 )mks
c. What is the difference between internet and extranet. (4 mks)
d. What is meant by the term protocol as it relates to communication
between computers? (3 marks)
e. State any three disadvantages of using e-mail. (3 marks)







(i) what is project management?

(ii) What is a gnat chart?

Assume that phases one to four of SDLC requires 1.5, 6,4, 4.5 and 2 month(s) respectively to complete and that these phases are planned to begin on the following dates: January 15, February 1, March 15 and July 1.

(iii) Plot all of the information given on the partially filled Gantt Chart below.


Task      Duration(months) Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July sep






  1. b) (1) What an operating system? (2 mks)
  • State two functions of an operating system? (2 mks)
  • State 3 types of operating system? (3 mks)
  • Give two examples of system software (2 mks)




a (i) Information processing is concerned with Input, Processing, Storage, and Output.
Briefly describe these four elements of information processing using a
diagram to illustrate your answer. (6 mks)
(ii) What is the difference between Data and Information?
(2 mks).
b. State two ways in which computers are Used in each of the following:
• i. Business and commerce
ii. Health care
iii. Banking. (6 mks)
c. Explain why computers are more useful in the society today (4 mks)
d. Describe briefly four ways by which information technology can aid students studying subjects other than computer science or
information technology. (4 mks)

7.a. i. What is a computer program? (3_mks)
ii. List the different steps in programming. (5 mks)
b. Give two characteristics of each of the following: Very High Level Language
i) Machine Language
ii)Assembly Language. (6 mks)
c. What does the acronym ASCII stand for? The ASOi code for letter B is 66 base 10, calculate the ASCII representation of letter B in binary(i+5)mks

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