A level north west regional mock gce 2022 biology 2

A level North West regional mock gce 2022 biology 2

A level North West regional mock gce 2022 biology 2

1. a)(i) what is ATP?
(ii) How is it important to the cell?
b) Outline the main stages involved in the release of energy in a glucose molecule in aerobes,
c) How does exercise improve an athlete’s performance during training?
(5, 12, 3marks =20marks)
2. a) Explain the term homeostasis
b) Describe the homeostatic control of:
(i) blood glucose level,
(ii) temperature
(iii) growth and development in insects.
(3, 6, 6, 5 marks=20 marks)
3. a) Draw a large labeled diagram of the mammalian heart.
b) Describe the cardiac cycle in the circulation of blood.
c) How is the heartbeat regulated?
(7, 8, 5 marks = 20marks)
4. a) What is the cell cycle?
b) With the aid of annotated diagrams only briefly describe the behavior of
chromosomes at mitosis in an animal cell.
c) How is the above division different from meiosis?
(4, 10, 6 marks= 20 marks)
5. a). Using suitable examples, differentiate between the following pairs:
(i) Genotype and phenotype
(ii) Complete dominance and co-dominance
(iii) Gene and allele
(iv) Epistasis and polygenic inheritance.
(v) Homologous and Homozygous
b) The gene for the bleeder disease, haemophilia, is sex-linked. The gene is recessive. Choosing suitable
symbols write down the possible genotypes for a man and woman.
c) A couple both normal have a haemophiliac child. Explain how this can happen and what must be the sex of the
(10, 5, 5marks ~20marks)
6. a). Define the term Neo-Darwinism.
b). State five pieces of evidence for the theory of evolution.
c). Distinguish clearly between the following pairs, giving examples in each case.
(i) Homologous structures and analogous structures
(ii) Convergent evolution and parallel evolution
(iii) Phenetic and phylogenetic classification.

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