A level north west regional mock gce 2022 physics 1

A level north west regional mock gce 2022 physics 1

A level north west regional mock gce 2022 physics 1

lete statements in
• Each of the questions of incomp Select the B.
section is fallowed by four suggested answers.

‘ ^ n°n-homogencou$ equation may he phys,c t
• A homogeneous equation must be physically jnc0rrect
• A non-homogeneous equation must be piiy^10, ct
.homogeneous equation must be physically.1,.-

7) The magnitude of the force between two point charges
maintained a distance r apart is F. If each of the charges is
doubled and their separation apart increased to 3r, the force
between them becomes:

8) A ball is thrown vertically into the air with +n an initial
velocity u. The time it takes to return to the point of
projection is:

9) A mass attached to a vertical string is made to undergo
simple harmonic oscillations. Which of the statement below
is correct
A. The direction of its acceleration is constantly changing
B. When its pe is increasing, its ke is reducing and vice
C. The total mechanical energy of the system varies
D. The closer the mass is to its equilibrium position, the
greater is its acceleration
10) The colors of light blue, yellow, violet and orange in
order of increasing wavelength is
A. Orange, yellow, blue, violet
B. Violet, yellow, blue, orange
C. Orange, blue, yellow, violet
D. Violet, blue, yellow, orange ,
11) A radioisotope has a half-life of 36 minutes and an initial
activity of 1800 counts/s. Its activity after 2 •- hours in
counts/s is
A. 100.2
B. 112.5
C. 56.3
I). 50J
12) The reading of the voltmeter in the circuit in figure 2
below is
Figure 2
: stone tied toa string is whirled tomove in n
-ircle at a constant speed v, then:
– the string is most likely to break when the stone is
below the center of the circle
the tension in the string is maximum when the stone is
vertically above the center of the circle . ~
C. the sense of the acceleration changes with the direction o
the velocity
* If the string breaks, the stone will continue to move in a
circular path
is vertically
3) The amount of energy needed to convert 1.2 kg of pure
water at 60°C to steam under standard atmospheric pressure in
joules is
A. 201600
«. 2712000
C. 2913600
ft. 2510400
u. u
B. 3— c. r$3- D. Ts
4) For a moving coil meter to function properly, the pointer
needs to make a swing and then rapidly return to the
equilibrium position. The kind of damping necessary to achieve
this is
A. Light damping
B. Critical damping
C. Heavy damping
D. No damping
5) The net force acting on the object R in figure 1 below is
78.0N < i » 30.0N
Figure 1
A. 60.0 N, south west of R
B. 43.0 N, west of R
C. 36.0 N, south of R
D. 84.0 N, south west of R
6) An electric field consists of a region between two metaT
plates separated by a distance d across which a pd V is
maintained. The work done by the electric field to accelerate
a charge of +3e through a distance of 2x in the field is

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