Advanced level 2023 northwest regional mock history 1

Advanced level 2023 northwest regional mock history 1

Advanced level 2023 northwest regional mock history 1

Population pressure in the 19,h
movements of:
Century provoked the andate and
A. the Bakwerito the forestofmountC
B. theGbayaand Vute
ameroon –
D. the the Bangwa Balongmovement from Dschang movement to Muyuka areafrom to present Northsite Cameroon
2) A major similarity between the statesi
the coastal regions were:
A. the existence ofregulatory societies
B. specializedmilitary institutions
C. centralisedkingdomsprevailed
D. theexistence ofsecret societies
inthe grassland and was:
3) All were reasons for the non-extension ofthe Jihads to the
forestregion ofCameroon r-XCEPT 1
A. Christianresistance
B. Adama’s death
C. absence ofpasture
D. inefficiency ofthe Calvary
4) The most central reason for the founding of Victoria in
1858 was:
A. to settle liberated slaves
B. to escape the hostility of Fernado-Po
C. topromote legitimate trade
D.the desire to spread Christianity
5) TheDouala frequent request for British annexation was
influenced by all the following EXCEPT:
A. protection againstthe French
B. they wanted modern development
C. maintenance ofLaw and Order
D. hatred for forcedlabour in German plantations
6) An outstanding legacy of German rule in Cameroon was:
A. the constructionofmajor roads
B. the establishment ofplantations
C. the developmentofPorts
D. the establishment ofmission stations
7) The most appropriate reason for Allied extension ofthe
First World War to Cameroon was: .
A. settle oid grievances
B. post war negotiation
C. to stop German violation ofthe Belgian neutrality
D. to disrupt German Colonial supplies •
8) British neglect of the economic development of Southern
Cameroons could be attributed to:
A. the tiny nature of the population
B. the weaknesses of the League ofNations
C. the lack of separate budget for Southern Cameroons
D. the underrated economic potentials
9) The main objective of creating JEIJCAFRA in French
Cameroon was to:
A. promote the French policy of Assimilation
B. prevent the return ofthe Germans
C. defendDuala land
unite the elites against French imperialism

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