cameroon gce A level 2022 business mathematics 2

cameroon gce A level 2022 business mathematics 2

cameroon gce A level 2022 business mathematics 2

Determine for each project with comparison:
) Payback period
) Net present value at 10% cost of capital
) The profitability index
) Distinguish between Accounting Rale of Return and Internal rate of return

a) A civil servant in Cameroon contracted a loan from the bank to be repaid monthly for a
of 15 months. You are given the following statements:
l’1 amortization 6,584.80 FCFA
lh amortization 10,309.38 FCFA

i) The rate of interest of the loan
) The loan amount
b) An investor deposited 2,000,000 FCFA in his bank account with UBA bank. One year after
deposit, he withdrew 2,000,000 FCFA. A year after the withdrawal, the balance in the
account is 220
,000 FCFA.

i) What was the compound interest rate used?
ii) Give two differences between simple interest and compound interest and state where
(4 marks )


they can be applied in banks. (4 marks )
(Total =14 marks )

The chief of NEBOLEM village decided to share the sum of 840,000 FCFA to three of his sons
in arithmetic progression and the difference between the last and the first amount was 80,000 FCFA.
The amounts
were invested each in an account which yielded total interests of 42,000 FCFA. Given
that the interests are in arithmetic progression, with common difference of 2.000 FCFA.
(9 marks )
(5 marks )
(Total =14 marks )
a ) Determine the amount of each capital
) Determine the amount of each interest

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