cameroon gce A level chassis systems and transmission 1

cameroon gce A level chassis systems and transmission 1

cameroon gce A level chassis systems and transmission 1

1. If an automatic transmission slips when cold, which of these is the most likely cause;
A Shorted low/reverse pressure switch
B Line pressure is at maximum in 1st gear
C Disconnected line pressure sensor
D Low line pressure
2. In a vehicle with a single plate clutch, loss of free pedal movement can be caused by ;
A Worn release bearing
B Broken clutch linkage
C Worn clutch disc facing
D Weak pressure plate springs
3. What is the cause of “ vehicle wandering” while being driven on level road ?
A Too much negative camber
B Too much positive caster
C Worn ball joints
D Too much toe-out
4. Which of these could happen if the measurements in the brake set up in figure 3 varies from the manufacturer’s specifications ?
Figure 3.

A Noisy brake operation
B Brake grab or pull
C Pulsating brake pedal
D Low brake pedal
5. The car vibrates when the brakes are applied. The likely
cause is
A unequal tyre pressure
B binding calliper slides
C excessive rotor run-out
D frozen calliper piston
6. Drag on a vehicle’s drum brake persists even after the system is bleeded. The likely cause is
A a blocked compensating jet
B a blocked breather pot
C incorrect brake shoe adjustment
D weak brake shoe return spring
7. The drop arm is connected via a ball joint to the
A track arm
B track rod
C steering arm
D drag link
8. When not in use, the pad of a disc brake is normally held close to the disc by
A hydraulic force
B a spring
C the Steel
D a piston

9. Universal joints are used in the propeller shaft assembly to allow for
A a speed variation of the propeller shaft.
B a change in length of the propeller shaft.
C a variation in the angle of the propeller shaft.
D twisting of the propeller shaft.
10. Flexible mountings are usually placed in between a car body and the chassis frame or sub frame, so as to
A lock the body on the frame work.
B prevent corrosion occurring between the body and the frame.
C reduce noise and vibration.
D increase the clearance between the body and the tyres.
11. Three factors that are involved in boasting the efficiency of a braking system are the :
A Area of the brake linings, the radius of the brake drum and the thickness of brake linings.
B Radius of the car’s wheel, the area of the brake lining and the radius of the brake drum/disc.
C Thickness of the brake drum/disc, the area of the brake linings and the radius of the car’s wheel
D Radius of the car’s wheels, the thickness of the brake drum/disc and the radius of the brake drum.
12. One advantage in swinging beam system is that
A rolling motion is facilitated
B the rate of tyre wear is reduced
C compact
D flexible.
13. One method used to equalize the stress on a leaf
spring suspension is to
A reduce the length of the leafs for stability reasons.

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