cameroon gce A level chassis systems and transmission 3

cameroon gce A level chassis systems and transmission 3

cameroon gce A level chassis systems and transmission 3


                                                                                                                                      Time: 1 hour



Candidates shall choose by ballot one fault from atleast two Chassis and Transmission systems

  • Examiners shall simulate one fault on each of these systems.
  • They should however ensure that the systems are in good working order before the simulation is carried out.
  • Candidates should be reassured of the good working order of the system on which they will perform the fault tracing.

Examiners should closely watch the candidates during their work so that the method used is noted accordingly.

  • Examiners should closely watch the candidates and INTERVENE IF NEED BE during the fault tracing. This is to avoid damages that may be caused by the candidate.
  • In case of any disorder in their work that might lead to damage or injury, the examiners should immediately stop the candidates.
  • All fault tracing forms must be corrected or marked in front of the candidates so that coherence in the method and onward skills can be objectively evaluated.
  • Examiners shall ask questions in relation to each candidate’s work without necessarily intimidating or frustrating the candidate.
  • The list of proposed faults to be simulated is found below:
  • This part is made up of three main sections (A), (B) and (C), each section is comprised of four topics.
  • By ballot, the candidate is expected to choose a topic each under sections A, B and C.
  • The examiner(s) shall provide the candidate with ALL the necessary working materials.


SECTION A: Braking system    (15minutes)

  • Untie the flexible pipes.
  • Empty the brake fluid reservoir.
  • Remove the slave cylinder repair kid and block.
  • Eliminate brake pedal clearance.

SECTION B: Steering system    (15minutes)

  • Disconnect the drop arm.
  • Fit worn ball joints on track rods ends.
  • Fit a bad PAS pump.
  • Empty the PAS fluid reservoir.

SECTION C: Transmission system    (15minutes)

  • Eliminate completely the clutch pedal play.
  • Disconnect the propeller shaft from the gearbox output shaft.
  • Fit a bad clutch master cylinder repair kid.
  • Empty the clutch master cylinder reservoir.

N.B: The candidate is expected to trace all the faults and put back the circuit/system in a functional state.

This section MUST ONLY be handled by the examiners.

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