cameroon gce A level June 2023 ICT 2

cameroon gce A level June 2023 ICT 2

cameroon gce A level June 2023 ICT 2

1 . ( i) (a) Explain three components of a transaction processing system (TPS).
(b) Give two limitations of TPS compared to Management Information System
(c) State the purpose and the expected goal of a school information system.
(ii) (a) Give two characteristics of each of impact printer and laser printer.
(b) Give one advantage of each of the printers above.
(c) Name another type of printer.
(iii) (a) Give one characteristic of each of 1st Generation and 3rd Generation
(b) State and describe what two characteristics determine the power of a laptop

2. ( i) Describe the function of each of the following in a computer system
(a) Motherboard.
(b) Visual graphic card
(c) RAM
(ii) State a suitable type (not an example) of software for the following activities.
(a) Sending mails
(b) Organise files in the disk to put parts of the same files together.
~ (c ) Describe two important desired contents of a website.
(d) Type a code for a programming language
(iii) (a) Distinguish between a RAM and a ROM and state which of them is a
permanent memory.
(b) State the function of ROM in the computer.
(c) State the full meaning of BIOS and give two components of the BIOS.

3. (i) Device drivers and language translators are two types of system software.
(a) Give the role of device drivers in a PC and give one examples.
(b) Give the function of a language translator and give an example..
(c) Describe one other type of system software with a specific example.
(ii) Describe the functions of the following hardware components in a network.
(a) Multiplexer.
(b) Router.
(c) Ethernet card.
(iii) State three.measures that can be taken to protect data in a computer.

(3 marks)

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