cameroon gce A level June 2023 philosophy 3

cameroon gce A level June 2023 philosophy 3

cameroon gce A level June 2023 philosophy 3

1. (a) From the proposition:“Some girls are potential criminals'”,
(i) Give the contradictory of its converse.
(ii) Given the derived proposition of a (i) above as false, what is the truth value of its contrary? (2 marks)
Given the proposition: “Either humans are wicked or they are merely ignorant”
Use it to construct a valid disjunctive syllogism.
Convert the given proposition to hypothetical and construct a Modus Tollens argument with it.
(3 marks)
(3 marks)
(0 (3 marks)
. . (c) Given:“If I commit abortion, I lose my reputation. But if I keep the pregnancy, I imperil my future”
Use the proposition above to construct an appropriate dilemma of the affirming mode. (3 marks)
Refute c (i) above by escaping between the horns.
What is the condition for escaping between the horns of a dilemma?
(ii) (3 marks)
(iii) (1 mark)
(d) Given the inference: “A single girl who commits abortion implies that all girls are killers”
State the fallacy committed
Explain how it is committed.
Given ‘reptiles’, ‘lizards’, ‘monkeys’ as major, minor and middle terms respectively, construct
an OAO-3 syllogism.
(0 (2 marks)
(ii) (2 marks)
(3 marks)
2. (a) Explain the fallacies most clearly committed in the following:
The head mistress let a late-comer with mild visual impairment into class even though all the other
late comers were outside on punishment.
A woman after ten years into marriage is unable to conceive and bear children. Her family
members attribute her misfortune to the fact that her husband has not yet paid her dowry.
Given that each player of the team is very good, it means the team must be very good.

(b) Construct valid standard form syllogisms from the following inferences.
(0 Given that no drunkards are doctors, it follows that no drunkards are Muslims since all doctors are
(ii) Many boys are men since every father is a man and some boys are fathers (2 x 3 marks)
Given p: “Mary issleepingq: “Roseline is readingr: “Janet is cooking”, symbolise the following
Either Janet is cooking, or Mary is sleeping and Roseline is reading
Either Mary is not sleeping and Janet is cooking, or Roseline is reading.
Roseline is reading and Janet is not cooking provided Mary is sleeping.

Demonstrate the following on truth tables

(2 x 2 marks)
Given: “If you enter the teaching profession, you will have no money for vacations and if you
do not enter the teaching profession, you will have no time for vacations. Since you must either enter or not
enter the teaching profession, it follows that you will either have no money or no time for vacations ”
3. (a)
Paraphrase and symbolise the argument above
Determine its validity by means of the short truth table
Given that J, K and L are True statements, and X, Y and Z are False statements, determine the truth values
of the following statement forms:

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