cameroon gce A/L june 2016 English Paper 2

cameroon gce june 2016 English Paper 2

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Read the following passage carefully and in a paragraph of Not more than 150 words, summarize the stage of Nelson

Mnndela’s life from childhood to when he became president of South Africa.

Rolihlahla Mandela was born in Transkei on July 18, 1918. Then Nelson was added later. by a primary school teacher. Mundcla’s boyhood was peaceful enough, spent on cattle herding and other rural pursuits. until the death of his lilt her landed him in the care of a powerful relative … But it was only after he left the missionary College or lort I lure, where he had become

involved in students’ protests against the while colonial rule or the institution, that he set out on the long walk towards personal

and national liberation.

He joined a law firm in Johannesburg as an apprentice. Years of exposure to the inhumanities of apartheid, where being black reduced one to the status of a non-person, kindled in him a kind of absurd courage to change the world. He joined the Youth League ofthe African National Congress and became involved in programmes or passive resistance against the laws which forced blacks lo carry passes and kept them in a position of permanent servility

Exasperated,. the government mounted a massive treason trial against its main opponents, Mandela among them. It drugged on for five years, until 1961, ending in the acquittal of all 156 accused. But by that lime the country hud been convulsed by the massacre of peaceful black demonstrators at Sharpeville in March I 960, and the govcnuncnt was intent on crushing all opposition. Most liberation movements, including the A.N.C were banned. Mandela went underground for more than a year and travelled abroad to for the A.N.C. – Soon utter his return, he was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment on Robben Island for five years. But within months, Mandela was hauled from prison to face, with the leaders of the A.N.C, an almost certain death sentence. Without any attempt to find a legal way out, Mandela assumed his full responsibility. This conferred a new stutus of moral dignity on his leadership, Which became evident from the moment he was returned to Robben Island.

After about; two decades in prison, confident that at some crucial issues a leader must make decisions on his own, Mandela decided on a new approach. And after painstaking preliminaries, the most famous prisoner in the world was escorted, in the greatest secrecy, to the state President’s office to start negotiating not only his own release but also the nation’s transition from apartheid to democracy. On February 2, 1990, President F. W. De K· lerk lilted the bun on the A.N.C. and announced Mandela’s imminent release.

Then begun the real test. Every inch of the way, Mandela had to win the support or his own followers. More difficult still was the process of allaying the fears of the White race. But the patience, the wisdom, the visionary quality Mandela brought to his struggle, and above all the moral integrity with which he set about to unify a divided people, resulted in the coun1!y’s first democratic elections and his .selection as President.



Read the following passage carefully. Then, identify and correct all the errors.

Martin Luther King born at January 15 1929 at Atlanta, Georgia. He had a brother and a sister, and live in a large house with his parents and grandmother. His father, who was the grandson of the slave, worked in a bank and was important person in the black community of Atlanta. Martin had a happy and comfortable life at home with his family but as soon as he left his parents, he have problems because of his colour. At that time in some parts of the USE black people was not allowed to use white people toilets, and must give up seat on the bus if a white person wanted to sit down. Martin couldn’t used the same libraries or parks as white boys, and he was not

“‘   allowed to go to the same school. One day Martin made friends with two white brothers, but when their mother founded out he was black, she forbade them to play with him. This hurt Martin very much, and he promised himself he will fight for the rights of black people when he got old.

Martin Luther King is most famous for the speech what he gave in Washington in front of thousands of people who have marched there from all over the country. The speech is known by the words: I have dream. Soon after this speech, Martin Luther King killed by an assassin as he was stood on a hotel balcony in Memphis. He was only 39 years old as he dead, and who know what he might do if he had lived longer. But it is thanks to him that many black people in America now has the chance of the better life.



ONE question only.

  1. 1. Read the following extract from the poem “Before Zekembi” in John Ngong Kum Ngong walls of Agony answer the questions below it.

Before you Zekembi, Sustainer of the world, Prostrate I lie trembling, Dying my walls to plaster. Bcfore you I prostrate,

Quaking with fear and tension I                                                                                             5

.likc a rain-beaten chicken

Yet determined my country to serve

Even in the belly of anguish.

I die to tell the world

I low lethal rear can be,                                                                                                            10

I low wicked man’s heart is. I

die to make my people see

The danger of stitching our mouths And how greed destroys a nation.

I thirst my people to revive

That together we can construct,                                                                                                  15

Confident our children will survive Even in the heart of deception.

Before you Zekembi, Comfort of the wounded,

Prone I lie confident,

Waiting majestic one

For u hammer and the word To crack the skull    of terror.                                                       25



In about fifty words of continuous prose, say what you consider to be the essential message of this poem,


Give the meaning in context of the following words and expressions:

(4 marks)

(i)          prostrate (line 3)

(1 mark)

(ii)         even in the belly of anguish (line 9)

(iii)        lethal fear (line 11)

(1 mark)

(1 mark)

(iv)        to revive (line 16)

(I mark)


Identify two personal pronouns in this poem and show how the poet has used them to good c1Tc1:1.


The name “Zekembi” is the Aghem name for God. How is the idea of deity treated in this poem

(4 marks)

reflected in any two other prescribed texts.

(4t marks)

Using any three prescribed texts, show how writers use- flashback to foster the plot of their story.                             (20 murks)

3 i anguage  is an important tool for communication. Using any three prescribed texts, show what  information is revealed through the use of language

 (20 marks)

  • I. The attitude of leaders towards their subjects determines their success or failure. Using any three prescribed

texts, support this assertion.                                                                                                                                              (20 marks)


MARK DISTRIBUTION Content and Organisation(06 marks)

Expression(08 marks)

Accuracy(06 marks)

COMPOSITION (20 marks)

Choose ONE topic to write about from the list below. You are advised to write clearly and effectively, to spell and punctuate correctly, and to ensure that your writing is appropriate in style and content to the topic chosen. Avoid obscene language and do not disclose your identity. You should write between 500 – 550 words.

  1. a) Suggest ways of improving the falling standards of the English Language in Cameroonian schools. b)   The quality of Cameroonian football is declining. Do you agree?

  2. c) Write a story which explains the saying “We will never miss the water till the well runs dry”. d) Give an account of a serious street fight that you witnessed in _which someone was killed.

  3. e) Honesty.

f) Write a story, a description or other form of composition suggested by one of the following pictures.

Your composition may be directly about the subject of the picture or take some central suggestion(s) from it. There must be a clear connection between the picture and your composition.


english pic a                english pic b

pic a                                                                                                       pic b




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