cameroon gce O level June 2023 food and nutrition 1

cameroon gce O level June 2023 food and nutrition 1

cameroon gce O level June 2023 food and nutrition 1


1. An incorrect or unbalanced intake of
nutrients cause:.
A Under nutrition
B Malnutrition
C Over nutrition
D Underweight
2. Fat from pork is called:
A Lard
B Dripping
C Butter .
D Suet
3. Absorption takes place mainly in :.
A The stomach
B The large intestine
C The Villi
D The small intestines
4. Fermentation is caused by:,
A Bacteria
B Parasites
C Fungi
D Yeast
5. The transparent protective coating in an egg is
A The chalazae
B The Cuticle
C The Membrane
D The thick white
6. Baking powder is categorized as a:
A Mechanical raising agent.
B Natural raising agent
C Chemical raising agent
D Biological raising agent
7. A food service where little or no cutlery is
used is called:
A Cocktail party
B Buffet party
C Luncheon party
D Dinner party
8. Identify a stone fruit from below:
A Dates
B Water melon
C Appricot
D Grape
9. The mixture of flour ,liquid and egg is called:
A ‘Butter
B Dough
C Pastry
D Paste

10. Fish with little or no fats is known as:
A White fish
B Crustaceans
C Molluscs
D Herring
11. The carbohydrate found in the milk of
mammals is known as:
A Maltose
B Sucrose
C Lactose
D Galactose
12. A deficiency of thiamin is known as:
A , Scurvy
B Rickets
C Night blindness
D Beriberi
13. lgm of carbohydrate will produce:
A 5Kcal
B 9Kcal
C 4Kcal
D 3 Kcal
14. Movement of body muscles is controlled by:
A Electrical energy
B Mechanical energy C Heat energy
D Chemical energy
15. The chemical digestion of protein starts from:
A The small intestine
B The stomach C The duodenum
D The mouth
16. The name given to tooth decay is known as:
A Dental caries
B Periodental disease C Plague
D Gingivitis
17. A vegan is also called:
A Ovo vegetarian
B Lacto-ovo vegetarian C Strict vegetarian
D Lacto vegetarian
18. is a protein found in milk:
A Ovalbumin
B Lactoglobin C Mucin
D Collagen

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