cameroon gce O level June 2023 geography 2

cameroon gce O level June 2023 geography 2

cameroon gce O level June 2023 geography 2

This question constitutes 33.3% of the marks in the paper and 21.5% of the marks for the whole subject. Your are advised to spend about ONE HOUR on this question.
1. a) Study the Ordnance Survey map Extract of Barmouth (1:50.000) provided and answer the following questions:
Reduce the map to half the original scale and insert the following:
(i) The limit of the National Nature Reserve.
(ii) River Afon Dysynni from 710093 to 650081.
(iii) A railway line.
(iv) The highland area southeast of River Afon Dysynni and Tal-Llyn-Lake.
(v) The lake at 657117.
(vi) The parking at 697 154.
Add a key and a new scale.
b) Calculate the area between the main road A496 and A493; (show all steps in the working).
c) (i) What is the relationship between the distribution of roads and relief?
(ii) Comment on the drainage of the map.
d) With map evidence state any FOUR functions of the Town of Barmouth.
Total (30 marks)

3 a) (i) Classify the following landforms as Erosional and Depositional features. (Use a table) Yardangs; Natural levees; Barchans; Rock pedestals; Deltas; Waterfalls; Beaches; Sea cliffs; Hanging valleys; Seif dunes; Clints/grykes and Meanders.
(ii) Select one Erosional feature from (3ai) above and draw a well labeled diagram to
show its appearance.
b) (i) On the outline map of the world provided, locate and name each of the following biomes: Equatorial rainforest; Coniferous forest; Hot desert; Savanna grassland. (ii) State briefly THREE characteristics of the tropical savanna vegetation.
c) Describe TWO processes of each of the following:
(i) Physical weathering.
(ii) Chemical weathering. (6 marks)

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