cameroon gce ordinary level June 2020 french 2

cameroon gce ordinary level June 2020 french 2

cameroon gce ordinary level June 2020 french 2
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Translate into French
Rapha and Emoh were neighbours. The former was poor, the latter rich. Each time Emoh passed in his big car,
lie would stop to greet Rapha.
“If only I could be as rich as him,” Rapha often thought.
One day, he told Emoh what he had in his mind:
“I also want to be rich.”
“Really?” Emoh asked.
“Yes, Rapha responded. “Who doesn’t want to be happy?”
The very evening, the rich neighbour came with a big bag. He said it contained fifteen million, and gave it to
Rapha went back home earlier. However, he could not sleep that night. Whenever he heard any noise, he
jumped out of bed. Thieves had surely come to steal his money. It went on like this till morning.
At daybreak, he went to Emoh’s house and said to him:
“Please take back your money. I haven’t slept this night!?”
Emoh looked at him, smiling:
“You see,” he said. “Money can’t bring happiness.”
QUESTION 2: ESSAY (80 marks)
Using a tense suitable to your chosen topic, write an essay in French, of at least 140 and not more than 150 words,
(not counting figures, words in brackets, abbreviations and names of people or places) on ONE of the following
Credit will be given for the correct use of a variety of expressions, verbs, vocabulary and idioms.
If you choose topic (b) your name must be Brama and your address CES de Nyapang.
If you choose topic (c), your essay must be based on the events in the picture.
Off topic material will earn no marks.
(a) Vous venez d’assister a une ceremonie traditionnelle dans votre village.
Dites ce qui s’est passee en precisant : la nature, la date et le lieu de la ceremonie;
les personnes qui y ont participe et leur habillement ;
les activites menees et comment tout s’est termine.
(b) Votre camarade vous a dit qu’il arrete ses etudes. Dans une lettre conseillez – lui de revenir a sa decision.
Dites les raisons de son abandon ;
donnez-lui des conseils ;
donnez-lui les raisons pour lesquelles il devrait continuer.
(c) En vous appuyant sur le dicton « La terre ne trompe pas », racontez une histoire basee sur les images
ci-dessous :
Dans votre histoire, decrivez : l’environnement des images ;
les activites menees sur les images ;
et ensuite donnez les effets de ces activites sur les gens.

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