cameroon gce ordinary level June 2022 biology 2

cameroon gce ordinary level June 2022 biology 2

cameroon gce ordinary level June 2022 biology 2

1. (a) Explain the following biological terms:
i ) Osmosis.
ii) Diffusion.
iii) Active transport.
I low is osmosis important to plants?
Describe an experiment to demonstrate osmosis in living tissues
(4, 3, 2 marks)
(6 marks)
(5 marks)
(Total = 20 marks)
2. (a) i) Briefly explain the term photosynthesis.
ii) Give the importance of photosynthesis in nature.
How is the leaf suited for photosynthesis?
(5 marks)
(3 marks)
(12 marks)
(Total = 20 marks)
Define the following terms:
i) Pollution.
ii) Producer.
What appropriate measures can be put in place to control/prevent water pollution?
Construct a food web using the following organisms: chicken, grasshopper, cabbage,
hawk, goat, man.
o. (a)
(4, 5marks)
(b) (6 marks)
(5 marks)
(Total = 20 marks)
Answer any 2 questions
Define the term respiration.
Compare aerobic and anaerobic respiration
Describe an experiment to show that energy is released during respiration.
4. (a) (5 marks)

5. (a) Write short notes on the following biological terms:
i) Stimulus.
ii) Tropism.
iii) Reflex action.
iv) Effector.
With the aid of a diagram, describe the effect of illuminating a shoot from one direction.
(4, 4, 4, 2 marks)

Define the following terms:
ii) Ovulation.
iii) Fertilization.
Describe the process of birth in humans.
State two functions of the placenta.
6. (a)

7. (a) What is:
When a red-flowered plant was crossed with a white flowered plant of the same species, all
the resulting offspring of the FI generation were red flowered plants. When one of the FI offspring
was self-pollinated, 176 red-flowered and 64 white-flowered plants of the F2 generation
were obtained.

Explain the genetics of these crosses by using appropriate diagrams and symbols. (10 marks)
What is the importance of a test cross?
(2 marks)
(Total =20 marks

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