cameroon gce ordinary level June 2022 geography 2

cameroon gce ordinary level June 2022 geography 2

cameroon gce ordinary level June 2022 geography 2

This question constitutes 33.3% of the murks in the paper and 21.5% of the marks lor the whole subject.
You are advised lo spend about ONE HOUR oil this question.
1. Study the Ordnance Survey map extract of CWMAFAN ( 1 :50.000) and answer the questions that follow
(a) State
( i) The height of the land at the triangulation pillar (819889).
(ii) Calculate the distance along the dual carriage (motorway) from the south end of the map to
grid reference 770905.
(iii) The meaning of the conventional signs M4 and 40 (775900) along the
dual carriageway.
(iv) Measure the bearing and state the direction of the church with spire (781920)
from the radio or TV mast (781937).
(v) The landscape feature in grid square 8089.
(b) Copy the portion of CWMAFAN north of Northing 94 to the same scale as the original
and then insert the following:
(i) TheB4281 Secondary road;
(ii) The course of the left tributary of the main river;
(iii) An area of land above 274m asl;
(iv) The electricity transmission line.
(Add title, key and scale)
(c) Compare the settlements of CWMAFAN with Pontrhydyfen under the
. headings: site, size and functions.
(d) Describe the vegetation using the following themes:
distribution (Location); type and size.
(e) Comment on the distribution of road transport.

(Total = 30 marks 

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