GCE Board cameroon general certificate of education


GCE Board cameroon general certificate of education


Cameroon GCE Board known as Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) is a public examination body to awards certificates to the Anglo-Saxons Cameroonian secondary school student’s of two stages; Stage 1, GCE “O” Level is a 3 year course beginning in form 3 and form 5 student are qualify to take the GCE Ordinary Level exam . while the GCE “A” Levels is writing in High School upper sixth for student who had successfully passed in the GCE ordinary level in at least 4 subjects. See reference here General Certificate of Education is a pure UK system of education adopted by Anglo-Saxons Cameroonian.

In 2015/2016 Academy year, about 182,416 candidates sad in for both the GCE examination in Cameroon with over 138,000 candidates for Ordinary Leve while 46,000 for Advanced Level. It was founded in 1993, and the current Registrar is Monono Ekema Humprey, who took office in 2006.




Grading system

The Cameroon GCE Examination grading system can be seen below

  • GCE O Level : Ordinary Level Grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, U

A, B and C are all passing grades, A being the highest and C the lowest. Grades lower than C are not stated on the certificate.

  • GCE A Levels: Advanced Level Grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, O or F A, B, C, D, and E are all passing grades, A being the highest and E the lowest. An F (fail) is not a passing grade and is not stated on the certificate.


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37 comments on “GCE Board cameroon general certificate of education

  • Please I wrote GCE o level in 2010, I have my certificate but is there any sight from which my current school in Nigeria can use to see my grades per subject online

  • greetings sir,please i want GCE board to send my documents or certificates to a school i apply for ,they are asking for verification from GCE.how do i go about and will that cost me if so how much?

  • Hello Eric , the validation of your certificate can only be done by the gce board , please try to contact the ministry of secondary education to know how it is done.

  • I need verification of my GCE result send in a seal envelope to the Swedish educational council and I'm not in Cameroon , how then can i obtain this document.

  • Hello my name is joelle .how do I get the gce board to mail my A level certificate to the world evaluation service for ewuivilacency .thanks

  • This is Yukiko Walker, Miyazaki International College in Miyazaki, Japan. We recently received an application from a Cameroon national and need to know if he is eligible. This applicant send us the GCE certificate which looks like having been issued by your organization. Is it possible for you to review them and let us know if it's genuine or not? If it's possible, would you please send us the email address to which we can send the scanned copies? Your kind cooperation would be highly appreciated.

  • Good Morning sir, Please I wrote GCE 2014 and could not collect my Certificate Please how can I get it ? And on my Gce A Level Slip there is an Error with my Name Please can it be corrected ?

  • Hello,please is it possible that my GCE certificate A level 2015/2016 academy year is still in school or they took it back to the GCE board? I wrote in the N.W

  • Hi I am Ako Tarh Philip I am presently in Cairo. I have sent the GCE board several emails telling them to send the original copies of my certificates through DHL to Estonian university I have applied to continue my studies but the GCE board has not replied me or sent the copies. Please I need help on how to go about it Thanks

  • Good day sir I wrote the ordinary level in 2016 I have the slip and certificate but due to some reasons the slip got missing and I have to register for the Advance this year. please what do I need to do. I really need your help.

  • 13:58 I wrote advance level in an evening school and the institution have been short down I don't even remember my candidate identification number

  • good evening sir pleas i want to know if the certificate of the gce A/L 2018 are out i am in need of my to forward my education abroad and if it is not out what should i do confirm my result out?

  • Hello I lost my documents including my certificates. I wish to know the procedure to follow so I can have them. Thanks

  • Hello I lost my documents including my certificates. I wish to know the procedure to make new certificates and how long that will take. Best Regards

  • Greetings sir, please I lost my ordinary level slip and I need it for registration, please how can I retrieve it. The certificates are not out yet

  • Please I wrote GCE ordinary level in 2017 and haven't seen the certificate yet, please is it normal and how can I get it???

  • Please someone came wrote my number here saying I want to by results, please that's a scam, it's not me am begging you people it's not me who did that trash

  • Please I wish to know my candidate identification number. I wrote the Ordinary level in 2016, in GBHS mbouda center number 11297

  • Hello good morning sir/madam. Please I wrote o/l.in 2012 and A/l in 2016. please where can I obtain my certificates.and what Are the formalities.

  • Greetings sir, I wrote the GCE Advanced level on June 2014, but I haven't collected the original certificate. How and where can I go and collect it. Ordinary level on June 2012. Please sir send me guidance. Will I go to the school of my written.

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