introduction to conscience


introduction to conscience

                Conscience is the universal endowment of all people but conscience are not formed in the same way since many people do not form their conscience as they should the act in different types of convictions.

Types of consciences

Certain conscience:

This is conscience when we doubt the act, we are going to perform weather good or bad.

The doubtful conscience:

This act makes someone doubt if an act is right or wrong it could be a doubt of fact. This conscience states that in doubt do not act.

Scrupulous conscience:

This conscience helps and guide someone on what he wants to do. The person pays a lot of attention to minute details. He is very careful and such a person may have internal fear he has fear for sin.

Lax conscience:

This conscience makes a person to attach great importance to trial issues and take lightly what is of great importance. One with such a conscience must reform it because it exposes one to the perpetual danger of wrong doing.

Perplex conscience:

This is a type of conscience which when confronted with 2 alternative precepts. Fears wrong doing in whatever choice it makes. In such a conscience. It is best to delay a decision otherwise choose the lesser evil.

The effect of a poorly formed conscience

  • Wrong decisions will be taken without guilt
  • Wrong actions will be taken
  • Will always go against the will of God
  • Will be difficult to take.



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