ordinary level GCE syllabus in 570 mathematics

ordinary level GCE syllabus in 570 mathematics

ordinary level GCE syllabus in 570 mathematics

The subject Mathematics is designed to introduce to students certain fundamental concepts and notions in Mathematics. This exemplifies all units of Mathematics emphasised through a
blending of ‘Traditional’ and ‘Modern’ approaches to the subject. It is observed that, Additional Mathematics broaden students’ knowledge by treating more topics in addition to those in Mathematics. The two syllabuses, when successfully offered by students, should place him/her in a favourable position to further studies.


The aims of the course Mathematics should enable the students to:

  1. acquire knowledge and understanding of the nature, reasoning and purpose of learning Mathematics.
  2. put mathematical knowledge and skills acquired into use in other disciplines, reallife situations, employment opportunities and further studies.
  3. stimulate and sustain interests in observations, inquiry, investigations and make logical conclusions.
  4. meet up with the demands of mathematical knowledge in competitive examinations in the Republic of Cameroon and elsewhere.


Complete coverage of the syllabus should provide students with the ability to:
i. apply mathematical knowledge and skills in arts, design and projects etc.
ii. read, write and talk about Mathematics in a variety of ways.
iii. evaluate information in different forms and establish relationships among different physical quantities in Mathematics.
iv. extract, select, order and present facts, ideas and opinions.
v. demonstrate the various mathematical approach to solve problems of all types (e.g. problem solving, creative work, select an appropriate mathematical method etc)

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