UBTEB establishes Assessment Syllabus

UBTEB  establishes examination assessment syllabus for all Business and humanities programs examined by the Board. The need for harmonization of the programs arose out of the cross-cutting modules among of 36 Diploma programs. Over 50 lecturers attended the workshop and Representatives of Academic Registrars from Business and social sciences training institutions in Uganda. It was at Eureka Place hotel in Ntinda from 17th– 18th February 2020.

The Executive Secretary of UBTEB, Onesmus Oyesigye argued the lecturers to ensure that the cross-cutting modules among programs are harmonized. As a result to enable the students to acquire competencies in line with their programs of study.  Oyesigye Stated that. “ I am sure after this harmonization workshop, the Board will have a standard assessment syllabus that will guide the teaching and assessment of the candidates”. Also he promised to make strategic efforts to the relevant authorities in charge of reviewing and developing the curricula. This is in order to make an input in the process of coming up with competence based curricula.

Curriculum review of the Diploma programs

He also added. “Your input today is going to pave way for the subsequent curriculum review of the Diploma programs. It is in our mandate to streamline and guide on issues like the assessment of the diploma programs developed by NCHE and NCDC”. UBTEB is mandated to assess all Certificate and Diploma programs. It’s according to the statutory instrument 2009, No.9. In pursuit of the mandate, the Board only assesses academic programs accredited and developed by NCDC and NCHE. As a result a need to establish assessment syllabus is necessary.

The Lecturers of different academic programs analyzed the content and aligned the cross-cutting modules to match the program’s content and codes. The Executive Secretary of UBTEB thanked the lecturers and UBTEB staff who participated in the workshop. In addition he argued the lecturers to be ambassadors of the Board in sensitizing the public on the need for national assessment. As the sure of producing competent graduates. Finally He further assured the participants that the harmonized assessment syllabi will be shared. But only to Heads of Training Institutions upon approval by the management by end of February 2020.




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  • Seem like have restricted the download of syillabus from your website of which is so obvious coz now day all issuses u have to consult online services

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