cameroon gce advanced level Law 1

cameroon gce advanced level Law 1

cameroon gce advanced level Law 1

A judicial police officer can arrest without
identifying himself or give reason for arrest.
Under which circumstances can this situation take

A Commission of simple offences
B When the suspect is sick
C When the officer is on duty
D Commission of felonies flagrante

2. Judgment or decision from the Nigerian Court of
Appeal that is used in a Cameroonian Court is
known as?

A International law
B Binding Precedent
C Persuasive authority
D Ratio descidendi

3. Njock is a notorious armed robbery specialised in
bank robberies and sale of firearms. Apart from
the High Court which court will have jurisdiction
over his case when he is brought to court?

A Magistrate Court
B Court of state security
C Military Court
D Court of Appeal

4. Which state official is eligible to investigate

A The lawyer
B Judicial police
C Prison Warder
D Bench Magistrate

5. Which court is competent to try armed robbery
matter involving minors?

A The Customary courts of his village
B The Magistrate Court
C The Court of Appeal
D The High Court

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