cameroon gce advanced level Law 3

cameroon gce advanced level Law 3

cameroon gce advanced level Law 3


1. Panam and Sam long lost childhood friends, met again in 2011. Panam previously based in
Canada and wishing to resettle in Cameroon, proposes to his friend to open a business for the importation,
sale or hire of machines for farming. They intend to raise as much as 10 million FCFA for this venture.
What kind of business do they intend to operate?
Name at least 5 elements they must include in the articles of association.
How else can they raise capital except from their personal funds?
What will make their business different from partnership?
Give any two advantages of their business.
(5 Marks)
(10 Marks)
(5 Marks)
(4 Marks)
(4 Marks)

2. Ebe has just opened a building construction company in Yaounde. He does not know the obligations
of employees under Cameroonian labour laws. Explain the obligations to him in details
(25 Marks)

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