Cameroon gce june 2016 Citizenship paper 2

G.C.E O/L Citizenship 2016 PAPER 2


Two and a half hours
You are required to answer FOUR questions choosing QUESTION 1 and THREE others from Sections A, B, and C.All the questions carry equal marks and marks allocated to parts of questions are indicated.Extra questions answered from each section shall NOT be marked.You are reminded of the necessity for good English and orderly presentation in your answers.

1. Study this extract and answer questions a to d that follow. (The maximum mark for each sub question is indicated in the brackets).
Pa Eseme is a wealthy, hardworking and very popular businessman who has been living in Kumba town (the economic
capital of the South West Region) for the last 60 years. He is married to Amina with whom he has seven children, three boys and four
girls. Pa Eseme believes that his daughters are there to generate revenue for the education of the boy child. Each time his daughter
attains the age of fifteen years, he immediately starts negotiating marriage for her. His daughters are not happy with their fate but there
is very little they can do to change the situation.
Pa Eseme is also a pleasure- loving gentleman who likes sharing ideas and drinks with friends and relatives. Three of his
very close friends are: Mr Bitkusi, a Commissioner of Police in charge of public security in K. town, Mr, Bisua, a Parliamentarian
from the ‘Ngoso’ Special Constituency and Mr Omarou, a Mayor of a very rich Council. These friends who are all residents of Ktown, usually drink together in Club 108. One day, Pa Eseme told the Commissioner that Bansa Ngwa owes him 650,000 frs cfa, being
accumulated rents for his house in Kosala Quarter. Ngwa is not only unwilling to pay the money but even calls him a rich fool. “I want
to teach that man a lesson”, he said.
One Saturday morning, the Commissioner sent two Police Officers to arrest Ngwa without a warrant of arrest,
Ngwa was locked up for three days during which time he was regularly tortured and refused bail.
Source: Improvised and edited text.
1. (a) (i) In which region of Cameroon is Kumba found?
(ii) Name the administrative status of Kumba
(iii) Identify two other towns in Cameroon with similar administrative status.
( 1+1 + 2 marks)

(b) (i) What type of family is Pa Eseme’s family?
(ii) What relationship exists between Pa Eseme and Amina?
(iii) State one right of the child that was violated by Pa Eseme.
(iv) Name one state institution in Cameroon that can be contacted for a redress of the plight of
Eseme’s daughters.
(v) State one effect of the plight of Pa Eseme’s daughters to the society.(l+l+l+l+l marks)

(c) (i) What title is given to the head of a City Council?
(ii) State two functions of the personality cited in C(i) above
(iii)Name the conditions a Cameroonian must fulfil to be elected as Mayor. ( 1+2+3 marks)

(d) (i) List aspects of unprofessional behaviour of the Police Officer mentioned in the extract.
(ii) Describe one case of human right violation in your community.
( 3+2 marks)

Answer One question from this section.

2. (a) In what ways does one become a citizen of Cameroon?
(b) What are the duties of a good citizen?
(c) Outline the responsibilities of the Cameroon Government to its citizens.
(3,7,10 marks)

3. What do you understand by:
(a) A Municipal Councilor?
(b) What are the pre-conditions for becoming a Municipal Councilor in Cameroon?
(c) Outline the services of a Municipal Councilor to its inhabitants. (6, 7, 7 marks)

4. (a) Describe with examples the human activities in Cameroon which have a detrimental impact on the
natural environment.
(b) What measures has the Government taken to conserve and protect this environment? ( 10,10, marks)

Answer One question from this section
5. (a) Explain why successive election results in Cameroon since 1992 have been a source of contention..
(b) Outline the main weaknesses of the Cameroon electoral system and
(c) State the various ways taken by Government over the last two decades to improve the electoral
process in the country. (7, 7,6 marks)

6. (a) How does the Government of Cameroon generate revenue.?
(b) Identify and explain three main reasons why the Government may fail to generate revenue
(c) What are the likely consequences of such failure on the citizens? (7, 7,6 marks)

7. (a) Explain the composition and function of the Executive and the legislative arms of the Cameroon
(b) Outline important innovations of the 1996 Constitution. (12, 8 marks)

Answer One question from this section

8. (a) What do you understand by Human Rights.?
(b) In what ways and for what reasons are Human Rights violated?
(c) Describe the instruments which are used to protect and promote Human Right and Freedoms in
Cameroon. (4, 8, 8 marks)

9. (a) What are the main causes of conflicts in villages and schools.?
(b) Describe the consequences of these conflicts.
(c) Outline the structures put in place to resolve these conflicts.
(10,5,5 marks)

10. Write short notes on any four of the following:
(a) Child labour
(b) Terrorism
(c) Minority groups
(d) Refugees
(e) Child trafficking
(f)Globalisation Gender inequality
(3)Gender inequality
(5, 5,5,5 marks)



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