cameroon gce O level June 2023 history 1

cameroon gce O level June 2023 history 1

cameroon gce O level June 2023 history 1

1. The town of Victoria is significant in Cameroon
in the late 1850s because…
A The Jantzen and Thormahlen firms 7. Which important event caused Douala chiefs to
lose their sovereignty to a foreign power in the
provided jobs. A The arrival of Nachtigal in Cameroon.
B The German planters established the 13 Captain Brooke arrived with treaty forms.
Botanical Garden. C Edward Hewett annexed Victoria for his
C The London Baptist Missionaries resettled country.
freed slaves. D The signing of the Germano-Duala
D The Court of Equity settled trade disputes. Treaty.

Identify the Cameroonian coastal ruler who in 1879 sent a letter to the Queen of England requesting for British annexation of Cameroon. A King Bell.
B King Pass All.
C King Akwa.
D Chief Williams.
The following European firms based along the coast of Cameroon protested against the German annexation of Cameroon EXCEPT
A C.Woermann.
B John Holt.
C R.W. Kings.
D Ambas Bay. Company.
4. Gustav Nachtigal is important in the history of
German annexation of Cameroon because …
A he endorsed the Kings’ Memorandum of 1884.
B he was appointed as a special envoy of the German Government to annex Cameroon.
C he brought the Moewe to the Coast of Cameroon.
D he was the first German Imperial
Representative in Cameroon.
5. By the early 1880s, the French trading agents
were firmly in control of…
A Douala.
B Tiko.
C Mal imba.
D Yaounde .
6. Which of the German explorers listed below
brought the grassfield region of Cameroon under German rule?
A Major Hans Dominik.
B Dr. Eugene Zintgraff.
C Lt. R. Kund.
D Lt. Tappenbeck.

8. The Anglo-German dispute over Victoria in the
1880s was finally resolved in …
A 1884
13 1885
C 1887
D 1889
9. Which of the following was a social
contribution of the German colonial administration in the development of Cameroon?
A The establishment of schools and hospitals.
B The construction of roads and railways.
C The establishment of the Botanical Garden and plantations.
D The creation of administrative units and a police force.
10. Who among the following was the British
official linked to the provisional partition of Cameroon in 1916?
A. Lancelot Oliphant.
B Henri Simon.
C Alfred Milner.
D Georges Picot.
11. What was common among the following tribes
after the First World War in Cameroon: Mbo, Bakossi, Balong, Bangwa?
A They preferred to be under British rule.
B They preferred to be under French rule. C They were divided as a result of partition.
D They formed pro-German clubs.
12. The first British Resident in Cameroon during
the Mandate period was…
A F.H. Ruxton.
B E.F. Arnet.
C E.F. Murray.
D Rutherford

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