cameroon gce O level June 2023 religious studies 1

cameroon gce O level June 2023 religious studies 1

cameroon gce O level June 2023 religious studies 1

Morality is best defined as:
A a system of morality prescribing righteous behaviour.
B a person who treats others the way he/she wants to be treated.
C forms of socially acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.
D a set of social values, customs, traditions, beliefs or practices which specify proper acceptable forms of conducts.
2. Judgment over an act when the act has been
committed is referred to as:
A antecedent.
B consequent.
C concomitant.
D judgment.
3. Which of the following is a quality of a real
A Being truthful
B Mutual respect
C Sacrifice
D Correction
4. How would you call someone who helps you
sail through your difficult moments?
A A good Samaritan
B A good friend
C A good acquaintance
D A God fearing person
5. Which of the following is NOT a sexual
A Masturbation
B Bestiality
C Puberty
D Fornication
6. Identify the way through which agape love is
A Visit friends
B Dedicate your life to improving the life of others.
C Engage in deep conversations with friends.
D Be open and trustworthy
7. One of these is NOT a quality of love.
A Surrender
B Selfless
C Patience
D Trust

8. Mary and John started a relationship that
ended in marriage. Which is the type of love that had grown between them?
A Agape
B Storge
C Conjugal
D Philia
9. Mr. Buchu married his daughter Ngwey. This
constitutes the impediment of:
A incest
B consanguinity
C previous bond
D blood relation
10. A type of marriage where a man marries two
or more women is called:
A polygyny
B polyandry
C bigamy
D group marriage
11. When a man, by law, inherits the wife of his
deceased brother, this form of marriage is cal led:
A sorrorate marriage
B levirate marriage
C family marriage D¬ mixed marriage
12. Who officiates over civil marriage?
A The State Counsel
B The City Mayor
C The Magistrate
D The Civil Status Registrar
13. Which of the following refers to an individual
who lives in his!her own residehce?
A Vagus
B Advena
C Peregrinus
D Incola
14. Someone with no home is called:
A vagabond
B street child C vagus
D homeless
15. What is the basic unit of the society is called?
A Extended family
B Family
C Blended family
D Nuclear family


16. An abortion carried out for health reasons
is known as:
A criminal abortion.
B therapeutic abortion. C miscarriage.
D complicated abortion
17. Another name for euthanasia is:
A active murder.
B mercy killing. C painless killing.
D passive killing
18. How can self-defence be defined? ‘
A Defending oneself from danger.
B Fighting with weapons in order to defend I I oneself.
C Protection of oneself by fighting. •
D Protection of oneself by using a shield or cutlass.
19. When are drugs abused?
A When many drugs are taken at once.
B When different drugs are used.
C When the right drug is used for the right health problem.
D When the wrong drug is used for the right health problem.
20. It violates human life and it is done by the
person on his/her authority.
A Abortion
B Murder C Euthanasia
D Suicide
21. Killing a large number of people on purpose,
especially from a particular group or area is referred to as:
A mass killing.
B genocide.
C Group killing
D blood bath.
22. All these phrases mean the same thing
A euthanasia
B mercy killing C slow killing
D painless killing

23. Mr Ngwa is a teacher with the Government
Bilingual High School. Why do you think he works?
A To be rich and known in the society
B To provide the needs of his family C To buy land for his family
D To buy a car for easy transportation
24. What is the major reason for the existence of
Trade Unions?
A To monitor Government’s actions on their activities.
B To protect the right of the workers. C To monitor the way workers carry out their work.
D To coordinate the management of the organisation.
25. How do we define leisure?
A Time to,rest at home.
B Time to loiter around doing nothing. C Tithe at ones disposal when no special duty is carried out.
D Time at ones disposal to carry out other duties.
26. The justice type that regulates specific areas in
life is known as:
A general justice
B proportional justice C particular justice
D contributive justice
27. The type of peace that reigns at family level is
A physical peace.
B social peace. C domestic peace.
D internal peace.
28. Discrimination in favour of one’s relative is
known as:
A favouritism.
B tribalism. C familiarity.
D nepotism.
29. Which of the following is the most dangerous
form of cyber criminality?
A Child pornography
B Terrorism
C Scamming
D Cyber bullying

Turn Over


30. This act is becoming a norm in our society and
habitual among state authorities:
A lying
B lateness
C untrustworthiness
D crime
31 Brutalising a minor to the extent of using a hot
pressing iron is a crime categorised as:
A human brutality on a minor.
B child abuse.
C violence on a minor.
D child discrimination.
32. Election rigging is also known by the
following EXCEPT:
A vote rigging.
B election suppression. C election manipulation.
D voter fraud.
33. Which pair of the following factors will NOT
initiate money laundering?
A Poor income and family hardship
B Decayed morals and loss of job.
C Increasing rate of unemployment.
D Improvement in communication gadgets and poor social environment.
34. Identify this common problem brought to
Cameroon by Information and communication technology.
A Poor network
B Uneven distribution of cyber network C Cyber criminality
D Laziness
35. The protection of our environment is
important because:
A a healthy environment leads to good health..
B it is justice, life and risk to health. C the protection of the environment is a violation of human life.
D keeping our surroundings clean is a good. habit.
36. The act of forcefully taking away someone
against their will is called’.
A adoptiob
B emancipation. C abduction.
D terrorism.

37. The act of adjusting one’s age on the birth
certificate is called:
A graft
B fraud
C cheating
D forgery
38. Identify the pair, of ills, that has become
endemic in the Cameroonian society. A Nepotism and tribalism
B Bribery and corruption
C Embezzlement and capital flight
D Calumny and detraction
39. In recent years, there has been rampant
reports of people treating a child badly. This crime is known as:
A child discrimination
B child abuse
C child depression
D child injustice.
40. One of the following is a reason for suicide.
A Frustration
B Failure in examination C Unemployment
D Criminality
41. Amina accepts that her cancer infected finger
be cut off in order to prevent the cancer from spreading to the rest of her body. How is such a decision called?
A Principle of self defense
B Principle of double effect C Principle of cause and effect
D Principle of pain and effect.
42. A young person who is a criminal and whose
conduct is beyond parental control is known as:
A criminal.
B vandal:
C rascal.
D delinquent
43. This is a phenomenon that makes known true’
but hidden faults of a person.
A Lying
B . Detraction C Slander
D Tale bearing

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