Citizens in a home environment

Citizens in a home environment

Citizens in a home environment

Definition of Basic Concepts


Citizen :

Is a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance or loyalty to its government and is entitled to its protection. He or she is a member of a community, be it a village, town or a country. Citizens can be classified into Active and Passive citizens .

Citizenship :

It is the status of being a full member of country. This full membership qualifies the citizen to the rights, privileges and duties that are vested in the state. For instance, if one has Cameroonian citizenship, he or she is qualified to live and work in Cameroon.

Citizenship Education:

It is the study of the political, legal and economic functions of society as well as its social and moral values. It is a social science subject that studies people, the environment and their relationship with the national and international communities.

  • Importance of Citizenship Education
  • It provides citizens with the knowledge, skills and understanding to become informed citizens.
  • It enables people to know their rights, duties and responsibilities.
  • It gives young people a voice in the life of their families, schools, communities and society at large.
  • It teaches citizens to reflect on diverse ideas, opinions and beliefs.
  • The subject inculcates fundamental and universal values such as respect and love for one another
  • It aims at teaching good public morals and values e.g. politeness or civility, courage and discipline
  • It empowers citizens by helping them to understand the consequences of their actions, and those of the people around them
  • It helps promote cultural awareness and foster national understanding necessary for living together in a heterogeneous society like Cameroon
  • It impacts knowledge of human rights and the acquisition of a sense of individual and community responsibility
  • It prepares young people for the challenges and opportunities of adulthood and working life
  • It helps citizens to acquire the skills to explore and understand contemporary controversial issues
  • It enhances constitutional awareness
  • It inculcates nationalism and patriotism
  • It enhances democracy, justice, tolerance, respect for human rights, freedom and love for peace and unity

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