Ecz Religious Education (2046) grade 12 2014 paper 2

Ecz Religious Education. (2046) grade 12 2014 paper 2


Answer two or three questions

1     (a) Tell the story of the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist to Zachariah. [4]

  • Explain what the story teaches Christian about the purpose of John the Baptist’s life and Ministry.                                                                                                                          [6]
  • A couple has a new baby. They agree to give the baby a Christian name but the relatives insist on giving the baby the name of a relative who had just died in the family. What two arguments would the relatives give to maintain their stance and one Christian response

the couple would put up to have the child given a Christian name?                                     [6]

  • State one similarity and one difference between Christianity and Zambian Tradition on religious duty and family royalty. [4]

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