How to Recover Cameroon GCE Certificate

The Cameroon GCE Board issues Certificates to successful students. These Certificates are essential when seeking for a job or changing school. In addition students with good grades have more chances. Besides you may refer to the Grading System here for more information.

However it may happens that some students losses their Certificates due to carelessness or any other negative incident. In this article we will tell you how to Recover your Cameroon GCE Certificate in 4 Steps.

1. Recovery Eligibility

Firstly to be eligible for recovery, you must have sat at least once and pass the GCE Exam. If not any request will be rejected. If you wish to check your result, you can do it at the official Cameroon GCE board. Likewise you can also check on our website.

2. Provide Required documents

Next, the following documents are necessary to constitute your file, when asking for a new certificate.

      • An attestation of loss signed by the police or any competent authority for oversea candidates.
      • Handwritten application with 1000 Francs CFA fiscal stamp.
      • A copy of the National Identity card for Cameroonians or residence permits for foreigners. Candidates living abroad  not have their national identity card at hand should attach a copy of their International Passport.The International Passport page must bear their name, picture, and other details.
      • A Photocopy of Results slips or Certificate if available.
      • A Photocopy of Birth Certificate

3. Deposit the Required Documents to the Board

In addition to that, address the request to the Cameroon GENERAL CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION Board in Bamenda and Buea.You can deposit your documents at the Cameroon GCE Board’s main office. It is located at Lycee Molyko street Adjacent Lycee Molyko, 10 meters walk from CUIB. Take note that no other organizational body will account for that.

4. Recovery Fees

Fourth and final step, A fee of 50,000 Francs CFA must be deposited to the GCE Board. It is officially non-refundable, after that you just have to wait. Lastly you will be informed once the certificate is available.


You most take note that the issuing of certificates by the GCE Board takes not more than a year. Nevertheless if your GCE Certificate doesn’t arrive on time you will have to visit the Cameroon GCE board Office for more information

10 comments on “How to Recover Cameroon GCE Certificate

  • Hello, how can I get my O level certificate if am studying abroad. That is I want to collect my certificate of 2017. I don't know if is possible to get it online?

  • Hello Boris. Your certificat should be available. Please try to email the GCE board for further notice on how you can get a soft copy and if possible the physical one

  • Hello, good morning. I wrote my O level since 2004 at LCC MANKON and I haven't retrieved my certificate How and what can I do to have it? I really need it. Thanks , I will be waiting for your reply

  • Hello i wrote the GCE Ordinary level in 2010 and had four papers then in 2011 i repeated 2 more papers and passed so i wish to know if a separate certificate will be issued for the two additional papers or just one certificate will be issued with all the 6 papers. Currently i have the certificate for the first four papers but the additional two only the result slip is with me.

  • Hellooo please i have issues with date of birth on my certificates(O and A) , what can i do for it to be corrected?

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