Why Cameroon was partitioned

Why Cameroon was partitioned


  1. The attempt by Britain and France to form a joint administration or condominium failed and so partition was the only option.
  2. The absence of Cameroonians in the Anglo-French meetings on the future of Cameroon removed any opposition to partition.

3.- Both countries were anxious to share Cameroon to benefit from the investments put in place by the Germans.

  1. The British and French forces jointly defeated the Germans in Cameroon and wanted compensation for their war efforts.
  2. Britain and France had colonial ambitions in Cameroon. Britain wanted part of Cameroon in order to tidy the eastern boundaries of Nigeria while France wanted to expand her territories in Equatorial Africa.
  3. Both powers had trading interest in Cameroon. Traders from both countries wanted protection from their respective home government’s interest. That is both wanted to acquire strategic naval bases.
  4. Britain wanted France to have the lion’s share so as to boost French moral in the on going war in Europe.
  5. Britain and France had differences in culture and colonial policies.


Stages or how Cameroon was partitioned


  1. In February 1916 the Germans were defeated and ousted from Cameroon by Anglo-French forces.
  2. On march 4, 1916 Lancelot Olyphant an official of the British Foreign office met with George Picot a French diplomat in London, Olyphant presented a map of Cameroon to picot and he drew a line running from North to South. This became known as the picot line picot chose the area to the east of the line and the British to West.



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