A level north west regional mock gce 2022 computer science 2

A level north west regional mock gce 2022 computer science 2

A level north west regional mock gce 2022 computer science 2

((0a)^A Buffer fineThelbjwV^!n® as Used in Computer Architecture
(b) An Interrupt
m State TWO activitiesi„ eac„
(a) Creation of a pro„e * Case that lead t0
W Termination of a Process

and it just got frozen. Only then did you realize
(ai) You have been working on your laptop for a while statistics shows that the freeze has been
you were running too many programs. Your tas
caused by some four processes (PI, P2, P3, l74) ted one resource each and requesting
resource each from four available resources (Rl > ’ R4y
(a) Model the deadlock situation using a Suitable rap
(b) Which condition from your Graph confirms tha ^ occun.ed? £xpiain this
(iv) A computer is a digital Electronic device that c n ordy understand zeros and ones (machine
lansuage). How will a Digital computer represen number 75.625 as a Binary Ceded
Decimal (BCD) number?
one .

2. (i) A programming Paradigm is a style of programming supported by a programming language. An
example of a programming paradigm is Procedural programming supported by languages such as C
and Pascal.
Briefly describe Imperative and Object Oriented Programming paradigms giving an example of each
and a language that supports it.
(ii) In computer Architecture, addressing mode refers to the way in which the processor accesses
operands during execution of an instruction. Low level programs are usually written in Assembly
(a) Explain the difference between Immediate, Direct and Indirect Addressing modes.

(b) Using the following Instructions
LDA X ; Load value stored in X into the Accumulator
ADD X ; Add number stored in X to the Accumulator
STA X ; Store the value in the Accumulator in location X
Write an Assembly language program that adds together the values stored in memory locations numl
and num2
, storing the resulting total in memory location num3.
(iii) Using the rules of Boolean algebra, simplify the Boolean function
Y = (A + A.(A + B)) + (B.C)
(iv) Briefly explain the following programming language properties; Syntax, Semantics and

3. A bakery accepts catering orders from customers. Most of them are regular customers and each
one is given an ID number. A CUSTOMER is issued an invoice when he places an ORDER, which
indicates each PRODUCT that the customer has ordered and the date that he can pick up his products.
At the order taking counter the bakery displays a list of products that it produces.
• At least one customer has placed many orders,
• At least one order contains many order details,
• At least one product appears in many order details.
Details of the orders are to be stored in a database using the following four relations:
• Customer (Customer ID, Customer Name, Gender, Telephone Number)
• Product (Product ID, Product Name, Unit Price)
• Orders (Order ID, Order Date, Customer ID)
• Order Details(Order I

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