A level south west regional mock gce 2022 religious studies 3

A level south west regional mock gce 2022 religious studies 3

A level south west regional mock gce 2022 religious studies 3

SECTION 1: The Gospel According to Saint Luke
1. a) Compare and contrast the birth annunciation of John to that of Jesus. (16marks)
b) Of what significance arc the births to us today? (9marks)
2. The preaching of John the Baptist transformed many souls but today it is falling on a
sinking ground. Discuss. (25marks)
3. ‘* • * *The spirit of the Lord is upon me today. He has given me power to ’ (Lk. 4:
a) State the text in its full context.
b) What was the reaction of the listeners?
c) State the two (2) proverbs Jesus used to them,
d) ‘They lack understanding in the proverbs’ (1 Kgs. 17: 8-16 and 2 Kgs 5: 1-14).
Examine the two (2) Old Testament texts Jesus used to clarify them. (4.5×2 marks)

4. a) What is a miracle?
b) Name the four (4) types of Miracles.
c) Using two (2) types named in 4b, illustrate how the miracles of Jesus differ from
ours today.

5. ‘The main opposing groups or parties during Jesus’ time were the Pharisees and the
a) How and why? Illustrate with four (4) cases
b) Who were the Pharisees and Sadducees?
c) Of what relevance are the opposing groups to our society today?
6. The death of Jesus was willed by God and accepted by him. Do you agree? (25marks)
SECTION 2: The Fourth Gospel: According to John
7. a) How is the Gospel According to John different from the other Gospels?
‘ (lOmarks)
b) What is John’s purpose for writing a Gospel? (15marks)
8. “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was
God….And the word became flesh and dwelt among us”. Analyze this statement and
synthesis it into the person of Jesus. (25marks)
9. The disciples of Jesus needed peace and power to go do the work Jesus was sending

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