cameroon gce A level 2022 business management 2

cameroon gce A level 2022 business management 2

cameroon gce A level 2022 business management 2

a ) Explain any five (05) possible causes of cash flow problems in an organization
(b) Carefully explain the principal ideas in Max Weber’s bureaucratic organization
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1. ( lOmarks)
( lOmarks)
• i i > i f i (Total 20 Marks)
(a) Examine six (06) advantages of group decision making as opposed to individual
decision making in an organisation
(b) Discuss the importance of organisational charts to an organisation

(a) Explain the benefits of external recruitment to an organisation; *
Mention any five (05) points
(b) Outline any five problems an organization will face in striving to achieve effective

(a) Explain any five (05) types of control associated with production
( b) Discuss any five (05) factors to be considered when designing a production policy
4. ( lOmarks)
( lOmarks)
(Total 20 marks)
5. As a stock manager, you are presented the following information with respect to the inventory
of a particular product.
Annual demand = 147,000units
Cost per order = 3,600ffs
Daily usage = 250- 550units
Lead time = 6- 8days
Holding cost per unit = 60frs
Security margin 20%
Work required; Calculate
a) The EOQ
b) The re-order level
c) The minimum stock level
d) The average number of orders made in a year
e) The alarm stock

Regional integration has reduced the national sovereignty of most nations. However, there are
many advantages for countries that belong to trade blocs like the case of Cameroon in CEMAC
(a) Explain five (05) possible trade barriers that government can put in place to protect home
industries against excessive competition from giant multinationals
(b) Bring out five (05) advantages of Cameroon belonging to the CEMAC zone.

(Total 20 Marks)
7. (a) Highlight and explain five (05) characteristics of a good objective
( b) Distinguish between formal and informal communication

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